21 thoughts on “How to Start a Snow Blower

  1. ”Does a nice job right down to pavement!>>>ur2.pl/988 A little difficult on wet snow but motor does not lose power! Only flaw is shute turns with vibration of machine. But maybe do to the fact I did DW 40 all moving parts before using it for first time. For the money you can't go wrong!”

  2. Drat. I should have watched this video before I attempted to start the snowblower. I ended up using a shovel. : / (I suppose I could go back outside and clean off the other side of the driveway.)

  3. A simple procedure for those who know how to do it properly. However this video explains the procedure extremely well leaving nothing to chance.

  4. Husband away during biggest snow of season and he's the Snow Blower Captain of the House. Your video helped me and the teenaged son get the blower operational without dad. Thanks!

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