How To Start a Snowblower

Step by step instructions for starting an Ariens snowblower.
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27 thoughts on “How To Start a Snowblower

  1. Please pull on the black plug not the orange cord which may help it last longer. Awesome video! I was not sure about how to check the oil with the cap and choke etc.. Thank you! Very helpful!

  2. mine doesnt work, i had mine for 2 months and i havent used it for two months. its brand new and i dont know whats wrong with it. i got it for $600. what could be wrong? i left it in my shed. is it possible that the cold wont let it start

  3. My snowblower seems to have like 4 positions for the choke. I do turn it all the way to the right to get it started but do I have to wait for it to warm up before turning it back to the left? It seems to shut off if I turn it all the way to the left but run if I only turn it one click to the left. Not sure if I'm explaining it right…

  4. wonderful…it snowed like crazy last night. My husband is gone, and I've just been staring at the snowblower thinking I wish I knew how to use it 😀

  5. Great video, i just bought the same model and this might be a stupid question but how exactly do u use the throttle? Ive seen many videos just like yours explaineing "turn it all the way up before starting" but you never turn it back down, even when shutting off so should I always keep it turned all the way up? Thanks alot

  6. Thanks. Just purchased an Ariens 24 deluxe model. I appreciate your videos and I'm sure they will come in handy once I have to do the deed this winter.

  7. Thank you the manual was not very clear. FYI:  Model 921030 – Deluxe 28 Startup is slightly different.  Full throttle position is counter clockwise. Choke turn off is clockwise.

  8. Thank you! I have an Ariens that is very hard to start if I go according to the vague instructions in the manual. I am not mechanically inclined but I felt that wasn't right and it should just start up like the great machine it is so I went looking for better starting instructions. I looked at the Ariens videos and they were still vague about the most obvious things – where to set the throttle and where to set the choke. I watched your video and then went out to start my freezing cold snowblower according to your easy to follow instructions and… VOILA! It pull-started almost instantly just like it had been already running and warmed up. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

  9. very straightforward. I seen a few where the douchbag went on about his dog, family life and how to clear snow. what this one does and does it correctly is to stay to starting the thing. so damn simple

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