How to stop a Briggs crankcase from flooding with gas Order carb below Briggs Replacement Carburetor Oem Carburetor Replacement Brass Seat Replacement Check part #
If your tractor keeps leaking gas into the crankcase see how you can fix the problem by replacing the needle and seat. Removing the seat on these larger Briggs and Stratton engines can be difficult, so see how you can do it by watching this video. Disclaimer:
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44 thoughts on “How to stop a Briggs crankcase from flooding with gas Order carb below

  1. good video, I am a certified briggs and generac   generator teck. I get on you tube n watch videos sometimes to get laughs. I liked your video nice n to the point n sounds like ya know what u doin!! Good job brother, a lot o videos are all over n forget steps n make me laugh.

  2. Before you do any of that Taking the carburetor apart One simple thing you can check your fuel cap if your fuel cap is plugged pressure will build up in the gas tank and has nowhere to go but through the carburetor Sears craftsman an MTD are notorious for this A simple fixes replace gas cap or put a shut off on the fuel line

  3. I had this problem and ended up buying a new nikki carb. That darn thing surges and I can't seem to get it adjusted properly. I may just buy a new float needle and seat and rebuild my old walbro. It's the exact carb you've got here in this video. Thanks!

  4. Have you ever heard of a low pressure come though your area and pressure your gas tank to squeeze the tank and increasing fuel line pressure lifting the fixed jet needle off of the seat

  5. Install an inline fuel shutoff. I had one flooding with gas after sitting and I did that and it stopped. Shut the gas off after cutting grass and run till it burns up whats in the carb and you wont have problems with carbs gunking up either.

  6. Good video. my widow neighbor just had same problem with her 19.5 hp  Sears mower, the needle valve did not seat off and filled the crankcase with gas which caused the engine to throw a rod. Talked to lawn mower mechanic, he said this is a common problem with this Briggs engine which comes in many different H.P….

  7. I had that problem. I replaced needle and seat and dust deals. No more gas leaking through into the crankcase and muffler. Assembled, and no fuel to the cylinder. Carb fills with gas, but no start. Fired up with starting fluid, so everything else is OK. Disassembled carb, checked everything, blew out all the passages with air, reassembled, installed and still no start. What did I miss? Carb was as clean as a dinner plate internally.

  8. my case was on a gas power washer, I was power washing my deck and all of a sudden it stalled.  I went to restart it and the cord wouldn't pull out like it locked up. I toke the pull cord off and the wheel wouldn't turn, I took plug out and I did get it to turn again. I put it all back together and now I had gas coming out of the muffler when I was trying to start again … what you showed here, could this be my problem?

  9. Thanks for your video….

    I bought my mower from a neighbor. He wasn't using it because it keep eating batteries and wouldn't start.
    I tested the battery and found it to be dead and not taking a charge. So I bought a new battery. After installing it I tried starting the mower. The engine wouldn't turn over so I pulled the spark plug and gas poured out, then I turned it over without a spark plug, the engine spun and gas shot out. I found and watched your video after doing some web searching. I replaced the needle & seat, and replaced the engine oil and now the mower starts and runs.
    I still have a small problem. under no load the engine starts and runs at a high idle, the throttle makes no difference. However under load: ie pto engaged and mowing the lawn, the idle comes down and it responds correctly to throttle input. disengaging the pto the throttle no longer seems to have an impact and returns to high idle.

    Any Ideas?????

    Thanks Wayne

  10. Great video. You explained everything in great detail. You hit a home run on this video. Thanks My Briggs now run perfectly and with no gas in the crank case!!

  11. See comment from yogirlmarmar. This problem with the seat may masquerade as a starter problem. The hard starting is caused by hydro lock from too much gas in the cylinder. It also may cause sudden excessive smoking. The hydro lock starting problem can be determined by removing the spark plug. If gas comes pouring out, it is a carburetor issue and not a starter issue. Too much gas getting into cylinder. gas

  12. You have a quicker fix for this problem right there already installed. At the end of each mowing, turn off the fuel at the valve before the filter. At this point your solenoid and your needle and seat may both leak due too time and age, BUT if you turn off that gas valve then neither can leak. Most of these mowers have their gas tanks higher than the carb which is normal for a gravity feed motor. When its time to mow or drive the mower, turn on the gas valve and fire it up!

  13. Great video. working on 18 yr old Briggs 15 HP with hydrolock and gas shooting out air fltr and plug hole. Is there any other problem that causes gas in oil?

  14. Thanks for posting this video. I had this same problem on a Troy-Bilt Wide-Cut Combo Mower and this video helped me to solve the problem without having to take it into the shop. Many thanks! Before I watched this video, I was thinking my engine was totally shot, given the smoke that was billowing out of it. When I found a lot of gas in the crankcase, I figured that was the final nail in the coffin. I can't believe all that was caused by such a simple problem, and the fix was pretty easy.

  15. hi Ive just brought a brand new Husqvarna ct138, and it won't start. it's turning over ok, but now the battery Is almost flat. very frustrating as it a new mower. I checked the plug and its soaking wet, I dried & clean it. put it back turn it over again, & it still won't start. any help would be greatfull

  16. Have a B & S pressure washer, like new. Worked for about two hours today, and as I put fresh gas in it it started leaking at the carb. It has a on and off switch and when I turn it off the gas quit leaking…..what does this sound like to you? Carb or a flow problem?

  17. Hi, I have a 13.5 Briggs and Stratton mower. it works for about 45 minutes then it turns off. it would start back up immidiately and run for a bit and turn off again and on and on. It also seem to loose power. Would replacing the seat and needle resolve that problem?

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