How to Strip a Car COMPLETELY

Learn how to strip a parts car down to the frame so you can get all the car parts you need for your car and sell the extras to make a profit! I can actually pay for the parts car, and my good car with these parts! The best part was my dad’s reaction at the end! Priceless!

Ramps I use:
Impact Gun:
Panel Removal Tools:
Hose Clamp Pliers:
LED Light:
Paint Marker:

Where I got my car towed and made money:
Here is my Parts List:

How to Buy a Used Car (how I got the Jag):

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27 thoughts on “How to Strip a Car COMPLETELY

  1. "but I need to get rid of it as quickly as possible to make room in the driveway" (This method also works if somebody just left their car in the parking lot and you need to strip it before they get back)

  2. You should have taken the catalytic converter off, those are a ton of money for them becasue they have platinum hold and lithium in it

  3. at 13:00 Chris dad speaks,his voice is like a softer version of actor Brn mendleson who is the villan in ready player one,dark knight rises and rogue one.

  4. I've gotta say… no. A parts car should be in a lot worse shape than this one. This was an atrocity that the "parts car" for $190 could have been had for way much more. Dude, I could have made a lot more money off that "parts car" by doing some basic upgrades and repairs than you did. I'm almost… almost… ashamed to be watching this channel. I will continue tho, most of your vids are pretty good but dang… just no. I understand your parts car to beef up Dad's car but… this was not a good thing.

  5. I own a 2006 Chevy Cobalt. In these cars, the battery is located in the trunk. One day, I disconnected the battery in order to reset the check engine light, and, without thinking, I closed the trunk. I had to do something similar to what you did when you crawled in the trunk, except I only had enough room to fit my arm in to pull down the seats (the latch to pull down the rear seats is also inconveniently in the trunk) and crawl in the trunk to open it. I learned my lesson the hard way on that day…

    Also, how do you sell individual car parts? When I bought bumpers for my car, they sent me the wrong ones, and I didn't send them back because they didn't want to pay for shipping. Now, I have two front bumpers to a Chevy Impala that are new and painted. I've been trying to get rid of them because they take up a lot of room, as you mentioned. I've been trying to sell them on eBay, but they won't sell because shipping is expensive and it drives buyers away. I tried selling one bumper recently, but the places I went to won't take it because the package is too big and freight costs $1,000, so I had to cancel the order. I called like ten junkyards/scrapyards, but they only buy cars, not individual parts. These bumpers are plastic, just like yours, so I was wondering if you had any valuable advice, considering you're experienced with this and I am definitely not. I hope these bumpers have at least a little bit of value, considering they are plastic. I'm assuming they do because the rear bumper on your list is worth $150 and your bumpers are plastic as well. Sorry for the absurdly long comment. I just need help, and I don't know what to do.

  6. For anyone that can help me! I have a 1970 dodge coronet and i plan on restoring it myself as much as possible and i plan on using these videos to help me. But i want to make sure that it will remotely similar to the cars chris works on? Will i be able to use these videos to work on an 70s car?

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