how to tecumseh lawnmower speed and governor adjustments – small engine Davidsfarmison[bliptv]now

tecumseh lawnmower speed and governor adjustments – small engine Davidsfarmison[bliptv]now



40 thoughts on “how to tecumseh lawnmower speed and governor adjustments – small engine Davidsfarmison[bliptv]now

  1. thanks for the upload. i just received a tec 3.5 powered mini bike that just needed the carb cleaned. i noticed today that the governor is really limiting the rpms by up to 30%

  2. Thanks! Now I know what type of motor I have. Hopefully replacing the primer is super easy. It runs fine, but it spitting out the primer hole? If I put my finger on it, it dies immediately. Going to replace it and clean things up and give it another go. Thanks again for the video.

  3. awesome, thank you very much for the tips! My assembly is similar to the first one in your video, I know what i have to do! many thanks, Brian.

  4. Bought a used tecumseh 3.5 mower very cheap coz it was running slow. Some idiot had put the regulator linkage on wrong. Thanks to this video it's now running like a dream. Awesome information, merci merci.

  5. Great video however my engine is the same as the Briggs and Stratton classic early in your video. How can I adjust the speed on this type of engine? Thanks

  6. hi, i have a toro 6.5hp pers pace gts mower, with no throttle adj. i replaced the carb with a new one, the mower starts, buts runs at a very high idle speed. what did i do wrong>. thnx

  7. Thanks that was awesome, would you be able to show what the second screw does as i moved it and don't know how to get it back to factory, thanks again for the vid.

  8. loved the close up images. I am not mechanically inclined but necessity demanded I try to fix the problem. When cleaning out the carburetor, the throttle linkage fell apart. This video helped me to reassemble it correctly. My first successful small engine repair. Thanks!

  9. Hi,
    Can you show me how to set up the linkages on the control assembly and how the control works for the lawnmower at 1:43. I took mine apart and dont know where the linkages go or how the lever works.

  10. hey, have a post hole digger with a 3.8 HP Tecumseh. I have overhauled the carb and installed a new needle and seat, emulsion tube and O-rings, bowl gasket, cleaned and blew it out at least 5 times. freash gas, clean tank and fuel lines. everything is perfect but is has a slight intermittent miss that's driving me crazy. I tried Sea Foam but it didn't help. I'm going to pull the welch plug on the side of the carb next. Any thoughts about what could be causing this? 

  11. Wow, I had recently took apart my small engine and forgot to note the governor position. I fired it back up and it was wide open! I thought the blades were gonna fly off and cut my legs off. Anyway, Your information saved me. I had struggled with it for months and it finally clicked to search for governor adjustments. BAM, fixed in less than 50 seconds. Thank you so much!

  12. Thank you so much for this information. I was helping my son-n-law with his mower and forgot to look at the governor position… long story short you took a hour of frustration and solve my problem in less than two minutes!  Thank you!

  13. I was so proud of myself that I cleaned out the carburetor and changed the oil on my ariens mower (17 years old.)I had always taken it to a local repair shop every year. While putting it all back together i realized I had forgotten to take a picture of the linkage. I put it together the way I thought was correct. I then started it, but it ran very roughly. I figured it had to be the linkage. found this video and it was perfect. Thanks!

  14. Thank you for this video. I took apart the carb and cleaned it out and forgot to take note of spring and throttle hook ups. Thanks to your video everything is reattached and running. Again, thanks for taking the time for such a thorough and easily understood video.

  15. Thanks very much for the linkage info.  Can you show the linkage locations for the type you showed in the video with the speed adjustment control?  I have one of those and neglected to take a picture before taking off the linkage wires.  After putting it back together, it runs but the speed control doesn't work, i.e., the speed remains constant and doesn't change.  Thanks.

  16. Thanks for the linkage info…cleaned the carb and it came off and wasn't sure how to get it back on properly. Just what i needed! At least i'll find out tonight anyway! 🙂

  17. Thank you sooooo much. Something so simple to a very experienced professional can be a life saver, not only being able to mow my lawns today!!! but I also saved myself £50. U is the man!!!Thanks again.

  18. Hi I have a Toro Recyler with a Tecumseh with that linkage set up. What exactly does the second linkage with the spring do? Because mine was all stretched out and was causing a major over-rev. At the moment I do not have a replacement spring for it, so I took it off and now the engine is running fine just with the one linkage hooked to the carb. I had to screw in the idle screw speed to speed up the engine to keep it idling even, but other then that, now the engine is running fine and is cutting the grass. It may be set slightly to high but not way to much. Am I okay without the second linkage and if I do need it am I okay in the meantime without the second linkage? Its working fine without the spring linkage right now am I okay??

  19. Hi good vid , i have an old petrol flymo with a tecumseh mv 100 s engine , cleaned the carb and she starts well now , also put a new governor spring on , there were 3 holes but i was not sure so put the spring through the middle one , is that correct ? does not seem to rev very fast .Thanks .Nick

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