8 thoughts on “How to tell if you have a blown head gasket on a Briggs and Stratton

  1. Other than maybe flat earth videos there seems to be more YouTube videos covering blown head gaskets on Briggs and Stratton engines than any other subject. Apparently this is an extremely common problem that affects almost every high time Briggs and Stratton engine.

  2. I think is the same engine I have. I did have a carb issue. Replaced carb. Mowed everything was fine. Next time I went to mow it didn’t wanna start. Blew oil and gas out of the exhaust. And oil was coming out from under the oil cap. Got it started ran all the gas out of the lines and drained gas tank. Installed a fuel shut off valve. Went to try to mow today got one pass done before the engine just went full throttle and started throwing plastic from the air filter housing off. Any thoughts?

  3. Hello Brad.have a question for you. why is my briggs&stratton engine 20hp fills the valve cover with gas and some the oil to.is this a blown head gasket or something else.please help. my email is camacho148166@yahoo.com

  4. my toro 16/38 hxl riding mower runs excellent, but there is minor smoke and oil smell coming from the muffler area. not sure if i have oil dripping onto the muffler. there not much smoke, almost like steam. the oil appears to be on the muffler instead of inside blowing out. any tips will be appreciated..ty

  5. Hello Brad. Very good tip!
    Yea mine was blown when I got my LT 1000 18hp. That’s how I got the mower dirt cheap! Replaced mine adjusted valves and been running it for 10 years without another problem!

  6. HI! ve a thanks Ihavev twin horizontal that's blowing oil from the did stick and the breather, just all of a sudden, not smoking. Is this a blown head gasket?

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