How to Test a Lawnmower Coil

Kawasaki FH531V

In today’s video, I’ll be showing you how to properly test a riding lawn mower ignition coil!

The 1st thing you want to do, is remove the black ground wire from the coil, and then turn over your engine to see if there’s spark. (This will determine if you have a “Short to Ground” on your shut-off wire, or a Safety Switch issue).

If you disconnect the shut-off wire, and there is still no spark, you need to remove the coil for testing.

Next, before you can do any testing, you’ll need the proper SPECIFICATIONS for your coil (Each Coil is Different).

This can be done by typing your ENGINE Model Number, followed by “Service manual” into google.

Example: “FH531V Service Manual” then download the PDF file. I show you how to do this in the video.

Then look for the Electrical Section, and find the proper Resistance.

You’ll need a Multi-meter to test for this, and we’ll be testing for resistance in Ohms.

With the meter set to 20k (20,000 Ohms) you can begin your tests.

The coil will most likely be labeled;
A (Base)
B (Shut-off Wire)
C (Spark Plug Cap)

You’ll connect your meter between those connections, testing resistance.

For this specific application (Kawasaki FH531V) these are the Specs:

C-A = 2-18K Ohms (Spark Plug Cap to Base)
C-B = 10-30K Ohms (Spark Plug Cap to Shut-off Wire)
A-B = 2-18K Ohms (Base to Shut-off Wire)

Coils tested bad, so I replaced both of them with 2 OEM Kawasaki Coils Part Number: 21171-7034

Buy them here:

Once you test your coil and determine whether or not they test within specification, you can then replace them, or move onto another possible issue.

On the older Kawasaki Engines, they have “Igniter boxes” that will also prevent spark, I mention this in the video.


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