1. We use to have those simpson meters. Those were the bomb. Unfortunately during a shop clean out it may have been thrown away or I hope in someone's garage. Unfortunately not mine.

  2. Don't think you can find a source for all coils. sometimes the manuals for each specific engine will tell you or you could hit the engine forums and somebody will usually tell ya!!☺

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Thank you so much for your rapid response also for taking the time from your demanding schedual to produce and share the valuable videos! I am attempting to find the Ohmes on a 10 HP Tecumseh Electronic Ignition Coil.

  4. You can be tricked by a coil testing OK with a meter and still not work. They short inside only with the high voltage. Spark plugs can test OK out of an engine but won't fire under compression. These are the real brain buster problems.

  5. They say it takes Twice as much voltage to induce the spark plug to fire INSIDE an engine under compression that it does OUTSIDE the cylinder.

  6. HO LEE CRAP! I haven't seen one of those old Simpson meters since my high school electronics class in the early 80's! I bet they are still expensive.

  7. Everyone must have better vision than me. Are you touching the plug wire and the surface that the flywheel magnet spins past?

  8. i have a honda gx670, i have just cleaned the carb and put new plugs on it, the motor will run fine on a cold start for about 5 mins, when it gets warm will cut off on anything over half throttle and no spark restart. is this a bad coil problem, thanks roadking

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