41 thoughts on “How to test/replace a magneto

  1. got a question for anyone , have the same motor on my mower, stator went out, and someone wired it straight, bypassing diode. put s new stator on and it still want crank. and I do mean stator not starter, stator is under flywheel and keeps battery charged. any help please.

  2. my brother from another brother you have just shown the best and fastest and most efficient test on checking a maggy she can bite and we don't like biters do we. nice touch on showing position of ground wire `when installing mag thank you for your time nice listening to tec talk the right way bless the wantabees you just saved a few good on you brother take care thanks

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!.I did a lot of work on my riding mower due to it leaking oil. Put it back together and it would start. It ran before. Checked the coil and had it upside down! You said it was marked and it was. Started right up. You saved my butt. Thank you so much. Norman.

  4. Your suggestion to unplug the kill wire to see if you get spark is what worked for me. I am rewiring a push button start and suddenly it would not run. I spent hours trying to troubleshoot thinking it was a safety switch problem, turns out it was a kill switch grounding problem. Thank you so much.

  5. Yeah,they get $125/hr to do the same thing at this shop near me.If it's more than 5 years old,don't even bring it in. So now they closed for good.What have we learned,Outdoor Equipment Repair Centers ? they pay their help less than $10.00 /hr
    And still COULDN'T make any money in the richest county in America.

  6. Ok I have the same problem! No spark from the plug. I replaced the plug, then the ignition coil. I unplugged the kill wire from the coil and still do not get any spark. I took off the flywheel and seen it was dirty. I cleaned everything and seen the stator that looked bad. Tested the stator as it was burnt and being grounded. I replaced the stator w/ a good used one. I get a light charge from the good stator. i am wondering if it could be the magnets under the flywheel being weak and how to test let alone recharge the magnets????

  7. I noticed you failed to disconnect the kill wire before testing for spark. Heck, something (bad safety switch?) could be grounding out the kill wire. And what about the seat safety switch? That will kill the spark when it's not disconnected.

  8. Man just stick a good spark plug in the HT lead and put the spark plug to earth if you a spark a good blueish spark then it's ok if not then its buggered mate no need for you to spend money on testers

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