6 thoughts on “How To Torque Small Engine Head Bolts Basic Pattern & Info on 3 Long Bolts

  1. What a great tip! Something so simple as lettering the bolt heads! Duh, never thought of it. Beats trying to remember what bolt I tightened last. thanks man! It's why I keep watching.

  2. Thanks for the video!
    I'm getting back to a 1997 Briggs 5.5 HP flat head that I took apart about 3 years ago for a mini bike project I have. I have a few questions I'd like your opinion on about it. I don't know if you'd rather me ask through email or on your YouTube channel here but one question is……. I've recently watched a video about gaining compression and power from swapping out the 5.5 HP head for one with a smaller combustion chamber like say on a 4 or 3.5 HP Briggs. Will you give me your thoughts on this type of swap?

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