Jeff’s Little Engine Service gives a brief demonstration on HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT and DIAGNOSE a riding Lawnmower that WILL NOT START. Troubleshooting a John Deere Riding Lawn mower that won’t start. Kawasaki Engine.
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND when you are watching my videos: I am showing you the least expensive, quickest “backyard” methods for repairing or servicing your lawnmower. Replacing all components such as gaskets and fuel lines is always recommended when rebuilding or repairing equipment. With these videos I hope you are able to fix and repair your lawnmower yourself with minimal parts, knowledge and tools. Thank you for watching!
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  1. Great video from a man after my own heart….also NOT A BIG FAN OF JOHN DEERE! Awful service at head office and good luck trying to get them to resolve a problem you are having with a dealer. Dealers are first, customers last in their world, no matter how badly the dealer is treating you.

  2. hey john i have a deere stx38 with black deck. put in a new battery, new solenoid, new starter, new starter switch. turn on and no click. all cables have continuity & seat switch bypassed. attempted to jump starter by connecting the two bolts from solenoid. i get a clunk and thats it. any ideas?

  3. HELP!
    Turns a little but won’t turn over. I tried bypassing the starter, still the same, will not turn over.
    Battery is strong. Can it be the safety switch on the brakes?

  4. LA145 blades cut off the other day and won’t reengage. Also, after cutting mower off, it won’t start without a jump. This has happened last 3-4 uses. Thought solenoid was starting problem but same issues with new solenoid. Any suggestions? Battery shows 11.5 V without engine running.

  5. What could cause this? John Deere STX 38 goes normally from neutral to reverse or first gear. But from for example from first gear to neutral, the gear stick doesn't move and i cannot go to neutral or to any other gear even tough im not moving and im always using the clutch. I can tryto move thestick as hard as i dare but it doesn't just move. Sometimes it helps if i release the clutch and press it down again but it can take up to 5 times pressing the clutch down and releasing it to be able to move the gearstick. And still it doesn't move as easily as it should. And when i change from neutral to 1, the mower starts going forward a little bit even though the clutch pedal is fully pressed down. Sorry for bad english not my native.

  6. Hey Jeff, need help with my JD GT242 the will not start
    Was cutting lawn when all of a sudden the blades just stop.
    Shut the engine off, , now it dead as a door nail.
    Checked fuses, they are good
    I feel like something happened with the magnet clutch and it is still engaged but not working and causes the engine not to start.
    I just don't know, any advise?
    Thanks for your time, Mike

  7. john deere in my opinion is JUNK. You pay big bucks for the Name and the patented paint color. Its just an exspensive yard ornament. I should have spent the $$
    paying a lawn service, & saved hundreds of dollars.

  8. If your meter shows something when you're connected to the starter solenoid then why do you need a new solenoid? Seems like if it didn't show anything you might need one but I don't get it. Somebody please explain this to me

  9. got an stx46 that won't start. I jumped the seat switch then turned the ignition switch. there's no voltage at the solenoid control lead. If I jump it the starter spins fine. Is there a fuse somewhere? I can't seem to locate one. ( I recently inherited this mower with no history)

  10. Hello,
    I'm wondering if you can help? I have a JD EZ Track Z445 with the Kawasaki Engine.
    After mowing my lawn, I parked the mower while i was running, and hosed down the cutting deck & tires due to some mud. The Mower stalled, so I attempted to restart it, and it wouldn't start. There was absolutely nothing "Dead". I checked the fuses under the seat, & one was melted so I replaced it. I just replaced the battery 1 month ago. What else could it possible be? This is the first problem I've had since purchasing it.
    Thank you

  11. i have same mower only dont have the hood.. the hood to replace is as much as I gave for the so I just keep it in shed anyways.

  12. my battery shows good but it clatters like a low batteyr. I cleaned cables that didnt work im thinkin selenoid because it sounds the same as my old ford pickup did when its selnoid quit

  13. Great video. Question: I did just what you suggest and I get 4 volts to the solenoid lead rather than 12 in the start position on the ignition. I have 12 volts coming off the battery. Battery is new this summer. I was mowing, got off to move something, got back on and it wouldnt start or crank. Thought one of the defeat switches was faulty. Recently replaced the pto switch for the same reason. Older GT275, same engine as in the video I believe. Runs great when it starts!

  14. What if you do not get voltage at the wire but Dash lights and headlights come on with key turn? I have lx188, when I turn the key the only thing that changes is that the light on the dash under the engine symbol lights up. No clicks nothing. New solenoid, can "Jump" from post to spade terminal on solenoid and it will try to start. SWITCH???

  15. I have an EZTrack Z245 that turns over but will not start.
    Wife was using it to mow and before she got it back to the shop it shut down and will not start back up

    I have checked all the safetys.
    Fuel is going thru the lines.
    Has spark.
    When I turn the key on and off I can hear the Fuel shut-off solenoid kick out and in.
    I choked the heck out of it and re-pulled a plug and it was not even wet.

    Can someone please give me advice on how to repair this issue?

  16. I had a solonoid click only, I removed the starter and found the top bearing seized and could be barely turned. so I dissembled the starter all but the armeture , housing and bottom end plate, I then carefully wire brushed the top armeture shaft at the bearing point and reassembled it and it worked perfectly.

  17. My relay [Hella 960388-60] hums when in the on position. I got it started by jumping the solenoid. Thoughts? Not a fan of JD myself but the price was right.

  18. good video- got one for you..1990.. John Deere sx95 12.5 Kawasaki have spark, have fuel pumping out of lines from fuel pump, cranks , no start, pour little gas in carb fires right up and stays running, turn off wait 1min. crank no start , until I pour gas in carb, any help out there… I replaced vacuum hose to fuel pump.

  19. Hello, thanks for your video. I have a 160 John Deere Riding Lawn mower with a Kawasaki 460V 12.5 hp engine.
    It only stays running when fully choked. It dies when I push the throttle down to any speed.
    What should I look for? Thanks for a reply.

  20. Love the channel and do appreciate the way you breakdown your explanations. My mother just got a John Deere without asking any of us to test it. She got off of Craigslist and thought she got a deal. Can you help or is it almost dead. It's the Scott's 17hp / 42 cut. I work on automobiles but can't for the life of me get this thing to move or engage the blades without it trying to shutoff. Runs fine other than that and a couple pops here and there. Have you ran across this or know of a solution?

  21. My John Deere D110 will start & engine runs for 15 seconds then dies. Replaced fuel filter no change. Anyone else have this happen? What was the fix?

  22. Get a pre 1985 john deere garden tractor and you'll never buy a new lawn mower ever again. My 1976 214 has been in commision without missing a beat for 41 years.

  23. My JD riding mower will not go into gear – can go through the shift pattern but nothing happens? Any suggestions much appreciated! Great video.

  24. Just wondering why you're not a fan of John Deere?  I bought my first (115 model) in 2006 (not from a big box store) and cut approx. 1 acre at my house and 1 3/4 acres at my camp (approx. every 3-4 weeks). I've absolutely no issues other than routine maintenance, oil & filter every year 1 drive belt and 1 set of new blades.  I believe it's a Briggs & Stratton engine but I could be wrong. It recently developed at very minor oil leak at the front of the engine that drips onto the exhaust manifold and smokes if not wiped before use every week or two. I will be looking to replace this tractor next season.  Is there a better unit in the $1500 price range?  I seen a friends' Craftsman's rider taken to the curb after 5-6 years and another friend who complains about his Cub Cadet, both were purchased brand new (from big box stores).  Slightly confused in NY.

  25. I have a john deere 60" zero turn mower that the mowing deck stops running after a short period of time. After it sots a little while it will run a little longer then quit again, any ideas?

  26. My JD 335 will not start.  I am not getting fire from either spark plug.  It cranks fine but and it is getting gas.  but it will not fire.  Both spark plugs are not firing.  Any suggestions?

  27. Ok watched your video and don,t tell me how to get spark changed COIL and fuse and soloed checked the wiring it ran before we took it out Now won,t Start So what Is WRONG with this 17.5 hp this is Annoying so please Advise me on what,s next is ther way to hot wire it ?Hope to Here from Ya Soon costing me Money to rent a Machine to do MY WOrk thks Again Farmer

  28. I have a lx 255 jhon Deere we can't get the blades to engage we replaced the PTO switch and the PTO clutch any idea what it could be thanks

  29. I have a Z-445 Zero Turn mower and is experiencing a problem which I have been having with it not starting, and my neighbor who is a small engine repairman said that it is my starter, I got a new starter and will install it to see if that will fix my problem. If that don't work then the solenoid will be checked next to see if it is bad.

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