How to Troubleshoot and Repair a Toro Personal Pace Drive Lawnmower

Blake from LawnEQ shows you how to troubleshoot and repair a Toro Personal Pace drive. You can always trust Blake and the small engine parts specialists at

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13 thoughts on “How to Troubleshoot and Repair a Toro Personal Pace Drive Lawnmower

  1. My Toro self propelled mower is a year old. It's self priming. It has a fairly small, neat yard to maintain. It is hard to start. I have to pull at least 8 times minimum. If I would have known this, I would have bought Electric Start or another brand..

  2. I own a rear wheel propelled lawn boy that I bought a new belt for. When I install the belt on the transmissions pulley it throws the belt off when I engage the rear wheels. The pulley does not have any marks, burs or slop in it. I installed the cover above the transmission correctly. What would make the belt slip off the pulley?

  3. I'll 2nd dufus' previous comment. Idiots that post irrelevant comments to videos that people have gone to the trouble of posting, should stop wasting their time posting irrelevant and garbage comments. More importantly they're wasting the time of other people like me, that are looking for a solution to a problem and I'm having the same problem with my mower.

    After looking at details I already had, a service manual and various web repair suggestions for Toro Personal Pace problems (… my mower is a 2013 vintage model # 20383 – cast aluminum deck not a steel deck …) and it has what the Toro / LawnBoy service manual I have refers to as the PP2 version of their Personal Pace system (PP2 = Personal Pace Generation 2) I found Blake's video. My machine looks identical to the one that Blake is describing.

    Today I realized that the self propelled function stopped working on mine. (I'm a 70 year old junior senior :-), but pushing it without the self propel feature I originally bought it for, gave me a good workout, but it wasn't fun). Thanks to Blake's video I now know what to look at and will likely be able to fix mine quick and without having to take it in to a repair shop and waiting weeks for it to be fixed. Thanks Blake.

  4. some of these comments are very rude and these people should struggle in hell with their lawnmower repairs. they are totally ignorant and ungrateful for the help you provide. obvious losers. Thanks Blake, those of us who are more civil appreciate the video.

  5. THANK YOU, i RAN OVER STICK AND THINK IT CAUSED THE BELT TO JUMP OFF, WASN'T SURE WERE TO LOOK AND WHICH WAY NOT TO TIP . I have this model and will give it a try. Of course it killed in the lower part of yard and I am too old to push that thing up the hill and load it. Tks, old female who thinks she can fix anything. lol

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