How To Troubleshoot Basic Electrical Problems on a Riding Mower – with Taryl

In “The Lawn Mower Whisperer”, Taryl teaches us basic electrical troubleshooting tips to look for if you’re having an electrical problem with your riding lawn mower. He gives you an easy-to-understand way of showing you how electrical works. Prior to the fix, Taryl has to use his “Lawn Mower Whisperer” skills to get a mower running in an emergency situation for a customer. Check out the video above for the whole story, and as always, There’s Your Dinner!!

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24 thoughts on “How To Troubleshoot Basic Electrical Problems on a Riding Mower – with Taryl

  1. not sure u will see this.. but .. i have a coalher.. that needs 6 plus volts for it to start.. has the mod on the side of it.. i replaced the sillynoid for reason it was toast.. but since them the volts goin to the module is around 2 to 3 volts on start .. i have to jump to the wire used for the carb sillynoid since i put a diff carb on it.. its easy to get to .. << if u understand what i said.. heck i dont think i do lol … ideas ??

  2. I seriously don't know why anyone would give this a thumbs down…good stuff. Maybe it's like Joseph Gainey said, ' You can't fix stupid'. That's the only explanation I can come up with.

  3. question please ,,,,on a pony 2006 and maybe many others when the PTO handle is engaging the blades a N/O switch closes and the RPM'S increase , how does that work ? as far as activating the carb ? thanks

  4. Holy crap Taryl, have you lost your mind………HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!………So your telling ME that all I gotta do is talk to MY mower like a Squirrel who's lost its mind, to fix IT………………NOW YOU TELL ME!!

  5. Does the Dead Man's switch open or closed to kill the motor does the neutral safety switch open or closed to stop the motor from starting

  6. Great video. my problem is I had electrical fire. all wires from starter to the starter solenoid in the wiring harness melted. I had been testing spark plug for fire with spark plug out. turned the motor over couple of times. & then with the Key switch off the wires started smoking & caught fire. had to disconnect the battery to put it out. can you help?

  7. My ltx 1050 cub cadet surges if i sit on the seat. if i get off it stops surging. if i unplug the seat switch it stops surging. until i hit the break then it surges again. I think its haunted. hahaha ?

  8. I am so embarrassed. I left the blade engaged. Then, when I got back on, it wouldn't start. Your explanation of getting off the mower to go get something to drink was spot on! Thanks!

  9. I have taught many subjects in my time, so I know what I'm talking about. The true test of a great instructor is that he knows his subject matter cold from top to bottom. Many just memorize a subject and then try to teach it. They are not able to explain the how and why behind the subject matter. It is obvious you live your subject matter so you know the how and why behind why things behave the way they do, which is critical for the student to truly understand and retain the subject matter. Thanks for your knowledge and the special patience you display to take the time to thoroughly explain things that I'm certain are second nature to you.

  10. Taryl, I can't get power going to the wire coming from the ignition. I even tried a chaser wire and still nothing. I installed a new battery and four pole solenoid. I use my Deere to help me out following wires. The switch is good also. I put it in my Deere and it cranked up. I've looked at all the grounds and cleaned them. This is an old craftsman mower with only two safety switches. I can jump the solenoid and crank the motor. The guy stated that he heard a pop so the first thing that I did was add a 20 amp fuse to the equation which I had hoped would have rectified my situation…any chance I can call you and you can whisper to the engine so i can get it out of my yard…lol

  11. You can also check your grounds with the test light. Just put the clip part on the positive side and if it lights you have a good ground.

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