How to tune a small engine carburetor with governor

Learn what the screws on your carburetor are for and how to adjust them. When the engine is running lean, the governor will make the rpm’s rollercoaster up and down. When the engine is running too rich, it will skip a lot and produce black smoke from the exhaust. I didn’t mention this in the video, but perform these adjustments after the motor has completely warmed up for best results.

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20 thoughts on “How to tune a small engine carburetor with governor

  1. I've adjusted mine including the governor per manual and out of the blue after almost finishing a 3 car driveway it starts to sputter and stall. I end up putting the choke in the middle and sometimes that helps so I can finish and sometimes it stalls. So I readjust the fast idle mixture screw and carry on. Once done blowing I remove the bowl and it's clean, remove the float, shake it for leaks, clean the float needle and reinstall the bowl and clean and blow out the main jet needle holes including the pinhole above the threads. All looks clean so I don't get why it stalls after running fine for a while. Yesterday I had sparks coming from the exhaust after I got it going. I tried a China carb but it was good for a couple of weeks then it was worse. Is this carb icing up or what? I'm thinking of taking spray carbon cleaner to the carb at high speed to get the valves cleaner. Also I may increase the governor rpm a bit then adjust it using the small screw beside the throttle lever. Thoughts? Buy a real Tecumseh made in America/Canada carb?

    This snowblower is from 1986 and it's a 8 hp-26" Tecumseh snow king engine.

    Also the electric start works sometimes. I've removed it and it bench tests each time but intermittently works when installed.

    Just looked at the main needle and it was scratched up, so I used a new one and adjusted it 1.5 turns out and it worked good for the 20 min I used it. Hopefully that was the problem.

  2. The carb you showed us is the exact same as what's on the one that was given to me:) it was exactly what I needed to get my machine running with out the choke on and throttle wide open. Thanks a lot !!!

  3. Hello great helpful video. could you tell me where should the thRottle lever be when you adjust each one of the three screws, Thank you

  4. You just have solved a mystery I had for almost tow years about those screws ! I knew I had to play around with them but had no clue the specific function of each. Thanks a lot!

  5. my rider it has a new walbro carb. was working perfect , new carb , starter , battery and deck belt. but now it will bog down , I will stop and it must be choked ,the placed back to the power setting
    ideas ?

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