20 thoughts on “HOW TO TUNE UP Craftsman Lawn Tractor 12 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine

  1. Does anybody know how to fix an oil leak mine leaks and blows oil and will not run it will start then shut of it leaks as soon as it goes in

  2. your Canadian….a liter or liter and a half,lol….sorry I find everyone wearing the latex gloves a little womanish…theres a lot doing it these days……..millineals….barf!

  3. i just bought this one 2 days ago its rusty but im painting it. on the one i have,do you know why it surges when on high/bunny. and also how much oil does it take

  4. Hello. How much oil is inside this thing? I have jonsered LT12 with briggs and stratton power built 12.0hp engine and trying to do oil change. But i don't know how much oil to buy.

  5. What you did with that mower is what I do during a tuneup on my LT-1000 lawn tractor. Right now I am having a problem with the unit starting now. It will turn over once and was doing this even when it was starting, but now it will turn over maybe once or more then when the key is turned on it won't do anything. The battery was charged for a long period and it still does the same thing. I am thinking it may be the starter which is the problem. I am going to use a multi meter tomorrow to check the battery before buying another one.

  6. I have a craftsman lts1500 Briggs &Stratton 17.5 hp. I've clean just about everything possible but the mower will only run on high. The throttle has to be half way to start. Have you or anyone self run into this problem?

  7. You better than me haha bought a 1997 GT 6000 HD and swapped on a 24hp kohler pro off another tractor 900 hours and i run 15w40 rotella in it lol all my Onans hasn't hurt anything yet my dad runs straight 30 in his husqvarna

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