How to Use Fuel Stabilizer for Your Lawn Mower

Gasoline can go stale in as little as 30 days. When this happens, the fuel oxidizes which can clog engine components leading to poor engine starting, inconsistent performance, or even engine failure. In addition, ethanol-blended fuels like E10 can lead to rust or corrosion within your engine if the fuel is not treated with a fuel stabilizer. This video summarizes the importance of using a fuel stabilizer, and how often to do so.

0:08 – How stale fuel can damage your engine
0:35 – Why using Advanced Fuel Treatment is important

Briggs & Stratton’s 5-in-1 Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer prevents issues related to stale gasoline and corrosion caused by untreated ethanol-blended fuels, which account for nearly 90% of all fuel sold in the U.S. today. Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer has 5-in-1 benefits that work to treat your stale fuel problems and prevent future costly effects of using bad fuel. These benefits include:

– Triple Antioxidants: stabilizes and keeps fuel fresh up to three years
– Corrosion inhibitors: guard metal engine parts against corrosion
– Detergent ingredients: cleans engine components and fights carburetor gumming.
– Water inhibitor: protects against harmful effects of water in fuel
– Alcohol-free

The net result of using Briggs & Stratton 5-in-1 Advanced Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer is maximum life, maximum protection, and maximum performance.

Here are some steps that help explain how to use Briggs & Stratton Advanced Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer
1. Always use/treat fresh fuel. Separated fuel and stale fuel cannot be reversed
2. Then, run engine for several minutes to achieve complete system protection

For every 2.5 gallons of fuel you can put in either ½ oz or 1 oz of Advanced Fuel Treatment. If you use ½ oz of AFT your engine will be protected for 24 months, if you choose to use 1 oz of AFT your engine will be protected for 36 months.

This quick and detailed 90 second video from Briggs & Stratton explains the importance of changing out your fuel regularly and using Advanced Fuel Treatment to help ensure fuel does not damage your engine.

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