1. Hey I have a 1980 5hp Tecumseh. I just rebuilt the thing and had the valves all cleaned and lapped and adjust to the specification. But the valves are knocking when it turns over, do you know how that can be fixed?

  2. great video. Those keyhole shaped retainers are fairly easy to do. Can you do one showing how to remove/install the pesky keepers that are split? I am having a heck of a time doing it. Driving me crazy.

  3. just curious where u purchased that tool, i can seem to only find them on ebay for $30 + 10 to ship, but if it was a brand name store that would be nice to know, thank you, as i have tried Canadian Tire and TSC so far with no luck

  4. Valve seat question on a HMSK100.  I have this intake valve capseal thing. I tried to press it into the valve guide on top of the valve spring. It refused to go in. how is this thing supposed to go in?  Which way is pointed up?  I've already destroyed one and I got another one on order. Do I even need it? Let me know 

  5. Thanks Dony. I am in need of one and just got one of eBay for 23.95. I searched you tube and saw your video so I knew you would have the right tool.

  6. Thanks Dony. I am in need of one and just got one of eBay for 23.95. I searched you tube and saw your video so I knew you would have the right tool.

  7. Don, I have a question for you. I have a tecumseh oh195sa engine. Syptoms were no start, 0 psi compression all going out the carb.

    Opened the valve cover to find the intake valve spring retainer broken in two. Rocker arm not damaged, valve stem slightly damaged to the point it wont slide out of the head.

    Wondering how this would happen ? Also how can one check to make sure the head is getting oiled? shouldnt there be oil splashing up into the head when the engine is turned over?

  8. I've have seen a few of these motors grenade out the side where the starter sits. You can take off the starter and see the casting with a big round crack, along with the connecting rod sticking out the hole;(  What could be the cause of this?

  9. I have an early Briggs 5 HP horiz engine that uses a cross pin instead of the keyhold shape hole spring retainer, A inverted depression on the keeper retains the cross pin from exiting during engine operating.

  10. Is the top caps on Tecumseh HM100 valve springs different? Does the intake have a white ring in the cap and the exhaust just have a steel cap? Like one has a oil seal and one don't or is one of mine broken?

  11. My tecumseh engine feels hard to turn over what is that? Lack of lubrication? or the valves being tight? I'm rebuilding a go kart engine,also when I took the sump cover off inside looked like some slight damage in a couple places of the aluminum and on the lifters base,looks like theres a circular crack,im replacing them but maybe the engine blew at one point in its history.

  12. You would not believe what I used to get my valve spring back in my Kohler k141 moto mower snow shark. This video helped me get the job done without the compressor tool.

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