15 thoughts on “How To Wire A Kill Switch On A Small Engine

  1. doesnt it just short the live and ground together? like if u dont have a switch, then just connect the 2 pins together in the place where you should plug your switch in?

  2. You should be fine doing it this way. I would put a 15 amp in line fuse on the positive wire, just in case something happens to ground it self out, the fuse will blow, saving any further damage.

  3. Hi their I am installing lights on my lawn Tractor. can you please tell me if I run a 12 gauge wire going to the battery and to the switch will the wire melt or cause fire? Please get back to me thank you.

  4. thank you now i understand how to hook a kill switch to my Briggs and Stratton. This is like the only video of this. THANK YOU!!!

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