How to Your Rebuild Garden Tractor’s Starter Generator

In this video I rebuild a Delco Remy Starter Generator from a Kohler K Series Engine.

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Micrometer set I recommend:

Telescoping Bore Gauge:

Wrench Set I Use:

Impact Sockets I Use:

Favorite Shop Knife:

Digital Calipers:

Feeler Gauge Set

Safety Glasses I wear in the Shop

My Fluke Multimeter

Torque Wrench:

I use an iSaveTractor Brush and bearing kit.

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18 thoughts on “How to Your Rebuild Garden Tractor’s Starter Generator

  1. Nice video. Some rebuild kits come with the rotor, when do you need a new rotor? Mine is a positive ground. To test the generator with a battery, do I hook the positive cable to the frame and the negative to the armature?

  2. Thanks for the video Norman, I just picked up a 1969 Sears Super 12 and it has this system on it, my other Sears are newer 1973 ST12 and 1974 ST16, all good stuff. I will be in contact with you when I need any parts in the future.

  3. Thanks for that video Norman , I have 4 Sears garden tractors , all with the solid state systems and stator systems. My Aunt gave me my Uncles 74 Cub Cadet before She passed last year , it has the 10 Horse Kohler and a Delco starter/generator that doesn't charge , I will be getting in touch when I start on it this year , I have a few things left to finish up my ST16 I started last year .

  4. Always great videos Norman!
    Do you usually find the fields to be in good condition and not need replacing? How would you determine if they are not? Thanks

  5. I have a cub 104 & when I field test the starter Generator it turns slow & growls….. the tractor has a brand new fully charged battery… would this kit help the problem I'm having?

  6. Something to consider on the copper mating surface (commutator) on the armature. If the surface has any grooves in it from bad or worn out brushes, most shops put the armature in a lathe and turn that surface smooth, an easy fix if you don't have a lathe is to chuck the armature into a drill press, with slow speed and use a strip of fine emery cloth to take out the grooves. This helps to give the brushes good contact for proper output and lower the arching of the brushes which also keeps the armature cooler. Hope this makes sense.

  7. Whatever became of the starter you bought here in Kennebunk last year? Haha, I've been waiting for you to do this video, I'd left a note inside the case.

  8. Besides cub cadet will any starter generator work on any tractor? Good instructional video Norman but could you get into more detail about the workings of that unit?

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