How we rebuilt our Ford Thunderbird automatic transmission | Redline Rebuilds Explained – S1E1

Slow it down,” you said. “What’s going on?” you asked. We listened, and Davin Reckow, who rebuilt the Ford automatic transmission, sat down with Larry Webster, Hagerty’s VP of Content, to explain the Redline Rebuild and answer questions on the process. Reckow also discusses issues he faced while getting the Ford tranny back to running well again. Want to know what went right and what didn’t? Here it is: a very slowed-down Redline Rebuild, automatic transmission edition, with the process explained…

Watch the original video here:

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30 thoughts on “How we rebuilt our Ford Thunderbird automatic transmission | Redline Rebuilds Explained – S1E1

  1. I'm just about to pull my Cruise-O-Matic out of my '66 Monterey here in good ol' Germany… I hope it's better with new fluid for now. But I think I'm not getting away with that 😀

  2. Wow all of the Armchair builders, I'm a retired automatic transmission rebuilder.This
    transmission on difficult level 1/10 is an 11!!. Beware get a pro. Done this over 35 yrs and I took my time on these… they will make a novice cry.

  3. I love these transmissions. I own every version of them. Every mechanic I’ve ever talked to has said that they are bullet proof. They are, i drove mine in every season and across many states. I stand behind these and just love them. Great work guys!!
    No kudos for the Power-SLIDE, known as the powerglide comment.

  4. This was definitely awesome to watch but one comment:
    You guys really should wear nitrile gloves when you do this stuff, studies have conclusively shown that exposure to automotive fluids cause rheumatoid arthritis. The chemicals get into your hands, then into your joints, then they bond to your cartilage and bones and cause your immune systems to not recognize your own parts as self. Then your immune systems attack your joints. Cartilage is destroyed and eventually bone is worn away. I know at least 4 old time mechanics who are now crippled from not protecting themselves. You would protect yourself if HIV or hepatitis was involved, each car you touch basically has the equivalent.

  5. Just real cool stuff………
    I have always admired Transmission Men in the shop, its always something new and they seem to have a gift for it, so big thumbs up Brother!!!

  6. I only worked on transmissions for a couple of years but that was the smallest and simplest valve body I have ever seen by a factor of at least 3. Your typical TH350 valve body would be at least 5 times the size and complexity.

    On top of that current cars have wires running to the valve bodies switching solenoid valves, making shift point debugging even more difficult.

    Yep, my job at the transmission shop was R&R the trans and rebuild and tune valve bodies.

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