Hurricane Engine Rebuild Chapter 6 – Crankcase Assembly?

Look, I know I rag on the imperial measurement system a bit in this video. You should know that like most smug Canadians, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with both metric and imperial. It comes with the geography

ie., if I need to build something – especially if it’s something I don’t need to be too precise about – I’ll use inches and feet every time. One’s the width of your thumb and the other’s the length of your foot. Easy. Metres are too big and cm are too small.

Likewise for pounds. It just makes sense. One pound equals four cheeseburgers, or roughly one human heart. What the hell is a kilogram? An annoyingly large item that won’t quite fit in your hands, that’s what

But where metric shines is in the moderately small. mm are the absolute paragon of measurements for anything smaller than an inch but larger than a thou. They’re also blissfully ubiquitous, to the point that unless I’m looking at a Harley, I don’t even need to think about them. I keep my SAE sockets buried in a small rubbermaid at the back of my toolbox. I keep a couple wrenches for changing die-grinder bits or working with air fittings and that’s it. Standard bolts go right in the trash

Inch-fractions are all well and good for casual use, but try and actually live with them for a while and you’ll see what a pain in the ass they are

It’s like French. If you learn it you’ll never use it, but if you don’t, you’ll round the head of a half-dozen of those 3/16″ bolts GM used to leave in random places or work on your car only to find that the previous owner ran a standard fastener into a metric hole and in that moment you may suddenly wish that all non-metric bolts would be put on a boat and dumped into the ocean to curse ye no more

If that makes me a metric fanboy then so be it 😉




4 thoughts on “Hurricane Engine Rebuild Chapter 6 – Crankcase Assembly?

  1. Glad I found this video series. I'm in the middle of replacing the alternator chain tensioner, the corner of the piece broke off leaving no tension on the chain. Did you replace any of the alternator bearings? The internal ones seem to be moving smoothly, anything else I should consider replacing while the case is apart? The bike I'm working on is an '88 CBR1000. Thanks for taking the time to do these videos.

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