Husqvarna 136 Chainsaw Carburetor Rebuild & Fuel Line Repair

Filmed March 2013

First carburetor adjustment at 16:10

Final carburetor adjustment at 20:48

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28 thoughts on “Husqvarna 136 Chainsaw Carburetor Rebuild & Fuel Line Repair

  1. I bought a Husqvarna 455 new in April. It ran good (and hard) for 2 days and then quit. It hasn't started since. I wish I had bought a Stihl but I didn't know where a local dealer was 🙁

  2. Your video is one of the best presentations for concise information without any distractions. Nice job and thanks …Now to see if I can apply it to my Model 141 which is very difficult (jerky) pull rope. Plug is dry. Fuel starvation?

  3. Don I am in the process of putting my husqvarna 346xp back together after I replaced the piston and cylinder. I have already attached the cylinder to the saw . I am having a hard time getting the bellows on the cylinder and putting the clip on . just dosent seam to be on rite .any advice?

  4. Thanks for a great video, very well done. It gave me the confidence to repair my 136 myself. You saved me time and money and I get to keep this handy little saw. Thanks again.

  5. great video; I inherited a small husq. saw from my grandfather that had sat for a couple of years. I took it to a local shop and I do trust the guys there. I took it in for a fuel line replacement and carb service. They replaced the primer bulb and fuel line but the saw failed the leak test. They informed me there was a fairly bad leak in the crank case. However, the saw will start easily and runs ok. For the life of me though I can't seem to get the carb adjusted correctly especially once the saw warms up. Would you suspect that is bc of the air leak causing the saw to run too lean?

  6. Hi, i have a Husq' 3'6 that just wont start, it worked a few months ago but now, just wont start, so THANK YOU for making this video, i feel confident now i can at least try something now that could be wrong with it,,,,this vid is so informative and exactly what i needed, much appreciated, THANK YOU so much !!!

  7. I have that exact saw and unfortunately I broke the handle several years ago. It sat for a long time on my project shelf….. Then last year I decided to repair it. I bought a new handle, replaced the plug, the air cleaner etc…..Couldn't get it to fire. Turned out it was EXACTLY the problem yours had- rotten and collapsed fuel line. I replaced it and the filter and it's now one of my favorite saws.

     I use it for limbing mostly and it has plenty of power for that kind of work and it's easy to use all day due to it's light weight. Wish I had seen this video before I tore mine apart- would have saved me some time!

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