Husqvarna 435 chainsaw, tear down and rebuild

Did a tear down and rebuild on my Husky 435 saw, this is the second time to do this on this saw. There is a lack of info on this topic for the 435.

Suggested tools: 4mm and 5mm ball end allens and piston stop.

This total project took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes to do. Not show are things like me spraying parts down with brake cleaner, looking for some tool, the bolt that dropped and went under my lift and took me several minutes to find.

Saw’s backstory… was running weak when cutting up some logs, finished the job and put saw away, 2 weeks later went to use it, no start. First I figured the carb was messed up so I rebuilt it with an OE kit, no change. Then I find that the compression was low and the piston and cylinder were damaged. New OE piston and cylinder kit installed, saw fired up and ran pretty good, but pretty lean. I double checked the carb, it seems good, so it looks like I’ve got some sort of leak.

I know from the first time I took it apart that the rubber intake between the carb and cylinder is in good condition. So I’m thinking maybe the gasket that is molded to the body of the saw for the cylinder isn’t sealing up as good as it should, so I’ll add a little sealant.

For more information on small engine repair, I suggest “donyboy73”:

When I first started this project, several of his chainsaw videos, while not specific to the 435, gave me a good overview of the basics.



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  1. Thank's a lot for this video. Very informative. I will use it as a reference since I own the same saw and do my own repairs. I also own a Jonsered CS2152C and even if it's a lot more powerful, I end up using my 435 most of the time because it's so light weight and agile. And pretty good music btw.

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