50 thoughts on “Husqvarna YTH22V46 Oil Change

  1. Important: Prefill the filter before installing it. Add oil to the top of the filter and allow it to soak into the filter media for a minute or so… and then top it off again. Even though the filter is on its side (a little will leak out while installing it) this is a must. You never want to install an oil filter dry. There is also an anti-drain back valve inside the filter… otherwise, great video.

  2. I noticed you used 5w-40 when the manual states SAE 30 or 5W-30 if you drive the tractor in low temperatures. Did you just use what you had on hand? I have 5w-20 for my truck but might go buy some 5w-30 for my tractor service.

  3. Dennis, I glad I found your videos since we have the exact same model tractor. Do you ever sharpen your blades? I don't have a grinding wheel and I currently have my mulching kit installed. However, I'm contemplating getting a bagger and putting the old throwing blades on.

  4. THANK YOU! One question…  How did you start the mower without stepping on the brake or being in the seat?

  5. Nice videos Sir! I think I've seen about 4 or 5 which will help me with my Husqvarna. Would you mind if I save them to my youtube channel so I have them all in one place? I'll be sure to give you credit for making the videos.

  6. Thanks!  I've got to help my pal change the oil on his in a few days, guess I better check to see if he has that hose…"Twist and pull" on that goofy yellow plastic thing to get the oil flowing, correct?  Yeah, that oil filter makes a mess, I am worried about the excess oil leaking through the deck down onto the belt…I will lay a rag under the filter before I loosen it I guess…

  7. Thank you, sir, for saving me hours or torment (mechanically-inclined I'm not). Your step-by-step instruction videos, designed for people like me who use a hammer for a screwdriver, made this an easy-peasy procedure. And, it allowed me to do it without reading the manual, where I always get into trouble. Kudos to you!

  8. Why don't you place a plastic bag and an old rag or towel underneath the oil filter before you remove it? That could catch the oil before it goes all over the frame.

  9. Use a little pice of cardboard under the oil filter like a little ramp or spill way to keep the oil from hitting the frame at all…might be able to do the same on the other side for the drain plug to eliminate that tube;)

  10. How did you start the mower without sitting in the seat? I have the exact same model but it has an automatic shutoff when you get out of the seat.

  11. Dennis, I have to thank you for the things I learned watching this video…. I have a YTA22V46 with the B&S, first thing I did changing the oil was to rip the side plate over the buttons so I could get the panel off.. Now I know how to take them off, thanks… I can't wait to see what you do to make the drain permanent, I had a Cub before the Husk, with Kohler, and the oil drain was the same…..

  12. adice – put a piece of card board under your oil filter to keep it from getting on the frame and directing it to your oil pan and never use old oil on your filter gasket. Use clean oil of the same type you are putting in the engine.

  13. Thank you, Dennis. With your video, I was able to change both oil and filter. Any chance of recording a video to replace he blades?

  14. Excellent instructional video, Sir! Well done. Clear, to the point – great video and accompanying narrative. I like some of the suggestions from viewers as well – re: putting plastic or something under the filter prior to removing. Good job and cheers from Canada! Rob

  15. You might be able to get a big funnel underneath the filter as you pull it off to catch the old oil. Just a thought, thanks

  16. Thanks for posting this. Wish Husqvarna would do this–the manual wasn't much help and my tractor did not come with one 🙁

  17. Thank you so much! You might just become the "widow whisperer" for the Huskys. I overfilled my oil and needed to drain it out. I did have some issues due to lack of hand strength but overall it worked. Thanks again.

  18. Thank you so very much Dennis! This coming from a single female who appreciates the thorough explanation of every thing! I just bought this mower and I feel confident after watching your video, I can change the oil and filter. And I will change the filter every time 🙂

  19. Just put some cardboard or a plastic place setting under that oil filter, then the oil will flow away from the frame. Side note, oil inhibits rust. If you had oil all over your frame, it would never rust.

  20. Dennis, I see difficulties getting a wench or socket on the nut to remove the original fittings for removing things to install the Drainzit tube. I'm leaving things alone for now. No response necessary, thank you.

  21. Hi Dennis, have you seen or have experience with a oil drain tube product called "Drainzit?"Link: http://www.drainzit.com/ I would like to install one on my Husqvqrna YTH22v42 tractor but can't see how to remove the existing drain valve because of its location between the engine and the frame. Any suggestions welcome.

  22. Well, if there is a way to screw it up, leave it to me. I turned the yellow connector. Waited. No oil. I tried turning it farther. Nothing. Then all of the oil comes out. All over my driveway. Now I have to find out how to clean the driveway. I am not cut out for Country living.

  23. Great video. I used a quickly shaped sheet of foil from the kitchen to form a drain guide for oil from the filter to trickle down into a plastic Folgers coffee can to contain the spillage to a couple of drops. The brand of coffee you use is optional 😉

  24. Hey brother – is there an O-ring on the pit cock for the oil drain? mine mists oil out of it – a little – when i open the hood, you can see there's oil misted on the side of it. Might just get rid of it for now and put a plug in. – and also – there's always oil on the frame by the oil filter – the tube on mine comes from the bottom and has a mount to the side near the oil filter – im guessing its spitting from the breather tube that just vents to atmosphere instead of recycling back into the carb/carbs like the newer ish ones that have the EPA emissions crap lol — Should I just add on a bit more hose to make it vent to the ground instead of the frame? Seems to come out right now and drip on the exhaust muffler – you ever have that problem? I do have 700 hours on mine yth1848xp is the one I have. 18hp Kawasaki and it's a hydradrive or whatever drive train. It really didn't do it until I put the deck back on – I guess it does it when it's under load from the deck being engaged.

  25. I decided to change oil/filter, air filter and fuel filter (that was kind of messy on my Craftsman, lol). Haven't done the oil filter yet. Never attempted this before, but tired of waiting for someone to have time to do it while the grass keeps growing .2 Mowers, and neither one would turn over with new batteries.. Great video, and extremely informative! Now to find a fuel filter video from you. Thank you so much, I'm enjoying doing it myself.

  26. thanks, my dad has brain cancer and is unfortunately bad off,
    he used to do all this stuff, now I , to help him , I'm doing all his stuff and needed to learn this. thanks so much

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