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  1. Rather than poke holes in my fingers with seal picks, I use a set of small external snap ring pliers to get that bottom clip off. The trick is to file a flat spot on the outside of the barrel on each side of the pliers. Squeeze and spread with the snap ring pliers and THEN run your pick under the clip. No bloodshed necessary. I've used vaseoline as assemble lube for years. It's cheap, works great, and I sometimes have to point to the large jar to subtly ndicate my opinion when negotiations are heavily skewed against me.

  2. Enjoy your videos!  Question regarding the Ferris in this video – When replacing hoses, do they line up the same on both sides on the pumps?  In other words, does the hose with the 90 degree fitting on the bottom of the wheel motor go into the left side port (looking from rear) on both or are they reversed?  The Ferris parts manual shows they are reversed, but my mower has one wheel going forward and the other going in reverse following the diagram!

  3. I have a question. I have a zero turn and it jerks and stops pulling on one side at times. Is it going to be the pump or the drive motor and where can I get Parts to rebuild one or both. Thanks. Robert.

  4. Hi.. just bought a secondhand Scag Wildcat which seemed to be in pristine shape. Got it home and of course it leaks 🙁 It appears to be coming from the union of the top and bottom "halves" (quotes because I know the bottom is longer). I am hoping it's not the shaft seal because I'd hate to have to pull the whole thing apart already, but I noticed you didn't change the case seal. Do those tend to go bad, and/or is there any other special reason mine might be leaking from there? It did get bounced around a bit on the ride home, but nothing I wouldn't expect from regular work. Thanks!

  5. Can you tell me how to get the parts you replaced……like the seals, bearings and plate? I went to outdoor distributers & had no luck…..when I clicked on pg series pumps the link was dead.
    I need the part numbers & description …..GREAT VIDEO, thanx for making it!

  6. Thank you for show me you repair the pump can you tell me where you buy the kit for repair I have the same problem al living in Puerto Rico thank you

  7. Great video ! I have a John deere quick tract , it starts great run perfect for about 2-3 mins the starts to growl on the right side intermittently ? seems like noise is coming from pump or motor …Could you throw me a hint or point me to a vid – that would be awesome and Thank you !

  8. Hey Fitz. Great video. Ill have to check out the rest of your productions.
    But for now I need some advice. I had just bought a grasshopper 721d G-2 1999 model and want to change hydraulic oil and filtwer. Grasshopper has their secret oil but I know its nothing special but I dont want to trash the motors. What would you recommend? Thanks. Great job. You have a new fan!

  9. I believe this rebuild is the same pump on a machine I own… its a hydro gear model number 5102174YT… if you could, it would save me alot of time if you can provide me with the part numbers of the components needed to rebuild this pump. If I am incorrect and this is not the same pump, where is the best place to go to find bearings, seals, vanes, etc. etc.


  10. Fitz' Where do you buy your parts at. I see you talked about buying the bearings for a little of nothing. Can you give me the name of the place online you buy your parts. I need a new bearing for the pump shaft. Your video is awesome. Thanks.

  11. Hi can i get your help me i have a hydraulic 52 inch lesco lawn mower
    and both sides of mine was making a sound but now it
    will barely even roll is it the hydraulic pumps or the wheel motors
    ? I took a look inside one of the hydraulic pumps it looks like
    nothing was bad inside and was clean ?

  12. Hydraulic Technician here. I would HIGHLY recommend to replace ALL seals while you have the pump disassembled! You can buy a speedy speedy seal that saves you from finding a hard to find shaft. Also clean each component! NEVER assemble with dirty parts as you are allowing contaminants into your new/rebuilt pump. The fittings should also be removed to replace the orings. Other than that, good job! (It would not hurt to lap the port plate, piston barrel, pistons if not replacing them).

  13. got a 873 bobcat hydraulic accessories not responding, bucket lifts does not tilt and hard to go back down can you offer any help in diagnosis? i’m in oceanside ca. 760-212-8602

  14. Hey Fitz's Fixes, I have the same pumps (Hydro-Gear PG3's) and I went to take off the fan and the aluminum spacer between the fan and the top of the housing will NOT come off. Did you have to use a puller or what? Thanks for a GREAT video!

  15. I have a Husqvarna CZ4817 zero turn riding mower that I just replaced the drive belt and ty-rod. It worked fine for 12 hours of mowing (4 different times).

    I was mowing last night, went to use the right arm to back up and it would barely move backwards. It moves forward just fine and turns just fine. It just want back up on the right side. Left side works fine in all directions. Please ya’ll any ideas on what to look for, where do I start?

    Thank you so much in advance.

  16. Thank you very much for taking the time to make this video. I was able to pull my pump apart and everything in mine looked almost exactly like in the video.  saved me a lot of money!


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