I Show You Where The Main Jet For Nikki Carburetor Goes Along With A Few Other Tips

I will show you where the main jet on a Nikki carburetor goes along with a few other tips..
Skip to 3:40 to see how & where the main jet is installed
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42 thoughts on “I Show You Where The Main Jet For Nikki Carburetor Goes Along With A Few Other Tips

  1. Best video on the internet for these nikki carburetors . You are the only one out of six that I watched that thoroughly explained about the little brass main jet with the tiny "O"ring on one end non of the others explained how it goes in . Great job one hundred thumbs up to you.

  2. @JOE Z Thanks for vid. Need some input please. I have cleaned etc few carbs in my time. Mostly two stroke, but few on push mowers. I have not fully rebuilt one however understand most of what is. I have a used older Yard Machines rider I brought. By the gas line I could tell bad gas was in carb. I should of left alone because mower ran fine. But I knew that carb had crap in it. I made the mistake of opening it. The carb is pretty much like yours. Mine is a Nikki same style. Yeah the little brass with O ring fell right out and I was like great where the hell does it go. I suspected it went in spot you show. Problem was I was tossing what way it goes, but that issue is solved. So the carb did have white junk in it. I cleaned the carb with carb cleaner inside and out. More less looks new now. Bolt it to mower and leaks out center side gas a tad. Also throws gas ( out choke flap side ) in large amounts out breather tube every time mower is turned off and back on. When running that stops so please note that one. At this time I am at my wit ends. Here is why aside from issues I mention. For me the worst part in this was the round big bowl gasket. Worst thing I ever seen and why can't it just sit in the groove of bowl. It wants to pop out of each side and all else. A nightmare I tell you. So how exactly is this done? Gasket sits round at the very edge of white plastic all the way around? I did order a rebuild kit but before I install stuff or mess up the new gasket I will hold till you reply. So I can better understand the gasket install. The kit I got was — # 799727-. I do see parts in it that appear some do not go in my carb. Is that common with these kits? Stuff I can't id as well like a little round silver cap or something. Lastly on the subject of carb issues I do notice my float is not lined center and it sags down a good bit. What is likely I need to do to solve the issues? Darn thing worked fine till I opened it lol. Side note also the bigger round O ring that sits down in carb that the nub of the plastic sits in. That O ring looks to be bad. It has a shred of rubber hanging on one side. You wouldn't happen to have a FULL vid of a full rebuild on this carb would you? Like how to remove the brass seat etc also on this one……

  3. I've been installing the jet with oring side facing up toward pick up tube. Isnt the oring supposed to seal against the brass pick up tube? Thanks.

  4. work on focus, video hard to follow due to fuzzy images. helpful to show where that main jet came from and how to put it back in. even better if you could show the air jetting and idle passages.

  5. Thanks wasn't sure if O-RING went in first from other people sites. If had found your site first would have known where main jet fell out from and how to install.

  6. Hi Joe.
    A million likes for your great instructional video on how to find where that jet goes. It's helped me tremendously.
    One thing I noticed about this model carb is that the rubber needle valve that rides on the float doesn't have a metal seat to mate with. Is this how it should be or have I lost another bit to this thing?
    Cheers from ɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀

  7. If you want to replace the Nikki carb get on eBay or Amazon and search for Briggs 594603 and look for a carb with a shiny metal bowl and a short stubby fuel solenoid for $30.00 or less. This will be a knockoff of the Walbro carb that is a direct replacement for the Nikki. Other part numbers are 591734, 594605, 591731, 594593, 697202, 594593. The Walbro is much less problematic and easier to work on.

  8. Great video I didn't know where main jet belonged when it fell out onto bench. My gaskets & needle are on order, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  9. thanks for the video saved me alot of time…I had snowblower up on end to service bottom parts when I was finished I could not get blower started gas coming out of carb sputering back firing etc..Found that all gas from tank ran into crankcase oil…changed oil 4 times to try and fix… took carb apart and found small part in bowl !!! which after seeing your video found where it belonged.. put carb back together changed oil again and machine ran cleared itself out and now runs great.. I would like to know how main jet got to the bottom of carb bowl before I took it apart thanks

  10. good job Joe watched other video , like about 10 or so it seemed , took carburetor apart , main jet fell out – what the hell is this and where does it go then I found your video ,thank you

  11. As others have said, great details on Nikki main jet, very concise. I have been resurrecting old Murray rider and "repairing" Nikki carburetor for several days now and keep finding out what I'm doing wrong. This video has shown me that the jet is installed upside down. Now if those new gaskets would only arrive….

  12. You are right about the bowl screws. I used the largest slotted screw driver that would fit, and it worked well.

  13. Your video was the best one I saw on this model carb , are you a New Yorker , I like the way you said warp you said wawp not making fun of you we are all different

  14. Thank you for your video. You saved me alot of money. I had main jet fall out last year. It took me forever to find it and even longer to realize what it was. Untill today i had not had any clarification as to where or which way it goes, this video answered it all and my mower is running again. Thank you again, really helpful video.

  15. Hi – very helpful video – that small jet with the o-ring on it was confusing me. You clearly answered that question – Thanks ! Appreciate the time you took to make and post this. Only thing that could be better would be a better focus and less moving around of the camera (I get motion-sick too darn easy …).

  16. i take a #2 phillips bit make sure the tangs are on something solid and tap the bits with a small ball peen works most times. but i had one the other day the bowl was fused to the body

  17. Thank You. This was Very Helpful as I took apart the carb on my Swisher mower yesterday and that main jet fell out when I turned it over. And as you said it can fit in a few different places. And I didn't see  where It fell out of. I had to use an impact driver to take those 2 bowl screws out. Thanks again.

  18. I hate those Nikki carburetors. I find that using a small pair of visegrip pliers on those screws to first loosen them works well and avoids stripping them.

  19. Another great video Joe. Had a similar setup that this helped me with. Thanks for the great info. I’ve learned a couple things from you already. You make great videos. Keep up the great work.

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