Identifying Briggs and Stratton B&S Briggs & Stratton Engines

A quick run through of places you can look on your Briggs & Stratton to find the ID numbers or tag. Many changes have come about over the years, so sometimes finding the numbers is tricky. I hope this helps some of you locate and identify your engines.



18 thoughts on “Identifying Briggs and Stratton B&S Briggs & Stratton Engines

  1. Amazing how many spots they put it in. On my JCPenney tractor it is stamped in the metal cover near the spark plug. I'll have to look on my Craftsman and see where that one is.

  2. 28 at the start of the code stands for 28 cubic inches doesnt it?
    My oppsed twins are both 42ci (says so on the heads) andf the start of the code is 42.
    So that Simplciity 16hp would be 32 cubic inches (524cubic cm's)

    It's possible I'm wrong, but its always been what Ive known, and seems to relate to the heads.

    Didnt realise they put the tags in so many different places, just when I thought I knew Briggs! Great to see the fleet again too!

    Hope all is well with you Sean!

  3. Hey Charles! Things are rough right now with having two operations inside of two weeks, but I'm hanging in there. I have a 646cc 16hp opposed twin and then two 300CC 16hp cast iron singles. A couple 262cc engines and the funny thing there is that one is a 10hp and the other a 12hp. I've given up on trying to figure out how Briggs matches the CC or CI to the I don't think they know Good to hear from you my Friend!

  4. Hiya Ram! Yep…seems they're all over the place. I found another stamping that is in a place I've never seen before after I did this video. It's actually on the side of the blower housing behind the carb and gas tank. You can barely see it with the air cleaner on. Strange but true!! lol Good hearing from you my friend!

  5. @ZippoVarga Ouch, that's never good! Hope everyhting is okay. Keep hanging on buddy!
    CC never relates to HP, totally depends on the carb set up etc. Wow. Im really confused about Briggs tags now!

  6. Hay Zippo. My big ten I'm restoring as a 66' engine but I thought the big ten was a 1965 one year model. I just wonder if the production run was long or what. Thanks.

  7. Heya there Storm! Well…It's like automobiles… can buy a 2010 in 2009 and often, 2009 models are still available in 2010. The model "year" doesn't coincide with our calendar year. The manufacturing of the Early B-10 and Landlord started in mid 1963 and was released well before the new year rang in. This is why you'll see many people say they have a 1963 B-10 or Landlord. The same goes in reverse…You can have a 65' Big Ten that was made in early 1966. Hope things are going well!!

  8. @sheepdogjake Wow…'re askin a die-hard Briggs guy, but I'm sure there's got to be some kind of dating system in place. You might check Michaelstractors dot kom or simpletractors dot kom and ask in the general tractor talk forum. The Kohler guys will jump all over that and help you out.

  9. Thank you for posting this.  I've been looking for them on a 5HP B&S horizontal shaft used on a Troy Bilt Tiller.  I guess I'll clean some more and keep looking 🙂

  10. would you be able to give me an idea on what the horsepower is on a briggs i have its on a generator and the engine is big. unsure if it is a 16 hp or 19 hp 
    243431 1132-01 90031414

  11. hi, I am trying to find another carb for my 16hp briggs the number is 326431-0127-01 however when I search for parts I can only find 326431-0127-99 the carb for this would be 391070 is this correct are these engines the same? 

  12. The problem with engines built before 1966. Its model Type and serial and they did not put the D.O.M on those older engine's. So you cant get the year off of them. Also on those older engines they are stamped on a plate that is riveted or screwed to the engine. If the tag came off and fell off and is missing, your screwed because the numbers were stamped on that plate, not the shroud. Lastly if you have an engine built prior to 1966, you can get the D.O.M. but you have to email Briggs and Stratton with the model type and serial and they will get back to you with the exact D.O.M. they can also get you the manuals which are harder to find on pre 1966 engine's. That's what I had to do for my 1958 Winco generator powered by a cast Iron Briggs model 23A-FB engine. Originally the person I purchased it from thought it was a 1962, well he was wrong and I did not find that out until I emailed Briggs with the numbers and they verified it was July 1958. They are very helpful. I also contacted winco and they verified the generator part was manufactired in august 1958 and sent me the manuals as well did Briggs.

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