35 thoughts on “Injection pump fuel leak on Cat 3208

  1. Hey nice video, quick question , mines leaking out that small hose as well , I was told the pump needs rebuilt , but your saying I just need to do that seal kit on the top ?

  2. I don't think the predecessors to the 3208 were called "3160's or 3150's". I believe the correct name is "1160" and "1150" I owned several 1160's with a much better (oil lubed) injector pump.

  3. We add a couple of quarts of almost any lubricant (in the fuel tank) in any older diesel. Considering fuel prices, a couple of quarts of motor oil, waste 𝐜𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐧 90 weight, almost anything is a good idea with the (foolish) fuel lubricated pumps.

    Patrick Young – turning wrenches on buses and trucks in Fresno, CA

  4. The roller cam turbocharged one's (last production run) were much better than earlier models. Cummins had pump problems also because of EPA fuel mandates. But if you're willing to chance it some two cycle fuel mix or transmission fluid added to your diesel fuel makes a big difference. Just trying to help.

  5. ok I have a 3208 and there is a line leaking fuel but it looks like its coming from under the pump it just comes up and stops like a breather line or some thing does this sound right ? any help would be awesome

  6. We have a cat 3208 engine that won't start, we have hand pumped fuel and bled each injector till fuel leaks out. When we crank engine we get no smoke or very little smoke from exhaust. We hear the fuel solenoid click, we assume it is releasing. After watching this video what was this engine doing before you pull top off fuel injector pump and replaced gaskets and seals?

  7. I have a 3208 in my dump truck and it locked up a couple weeks ago. I pulled the oil pan and rocker covers looking for indications of what happened there’s no shrapnel inside the engine, it was idling with great oil pressure and not over heating when it happened. Any ideas ??

  8. I acquired a distaste for working on cat stuff after helping my neighbor put a cat skid loader back together last winter for one of his customers. It was in pieces after the guy that started the job passed away from a heart attack. It had a cat branded Perkins in it that had the pin fall out of the grenade in the oil pan and getting info on it from Fabick was like pulling teeth. I don't know why all their service info is such a secret. It pretty well took Caterpillar off my prospective equipment list. I know deere isn't your favorite but at least you can look up parts online and get books from them or the internet fairly easily.

  9. Another good fix it video for me to refer to if I ever have to fix an injector pump on a 3208 CAT. Keep up the good work. Thanks for posting & stay safe.

  10. I too am worried about what this new dryer fuel is doing to my old engines. Are you adding anything to the fuel to offset the problem? I was told to add some engine oil in the fuel to help with lubing the pump. Great video as always will be waiting for the next one thanks for posting.

  11. VP44 on the 24 valve cummins is cooled and lubed by fuel also. Me and lots others use 2 cycle to add to the fuel for lubricant purpose. The best 2 cycle to use is the cheap stuff from Walmart. I put in about a half quart per 20 gallons.

  12. Sounds great Jake. Hope the fuel stays in like it should. We have a 3208 cat in a silage chopper and we are working on the radiator which you will probably see shortly. So odd question, do you know what the dimensions are of your radiator?

  13. Can you imagine a Cat 3208 having problems? Lol I have one in the grain truck. So far it's been pretty good. Knock on wood. It'll probably throw a rod now that I've said that

  14. Those cat v-8's put a grin on my face, despite their "bad reputation" mainly from people that didn't know how to run them..they were a good unit if they weren't used for more than what they were built for.

  15. Yea don't want to have to eat diesel flavored manifold hot dogs. I hate the male star fasteners. Deutz engines have them all over, had to give the snap on guy my lunch money for a year to get a set.

  16. that motor sounded good when you hit the throttle, one of my uncles had a few cat motors in his Oliver and his Stiegers a few years back. he was a great mechcanic also. the stieger dealer had one of those motors that was a mess brand new. so they made him a deal on the tractor. they gave him all the parts, and sold it to him cheap. all i remember was he had to change the crank in it. great video Jake, im impressed with your skills. love how you take care of your tractor.

  17. Nice job Jake. I thought I was the only one who tapped on a carb to free a stuck float. Works for injection pumps to I see. Those two tractors sure are good looking. You guys really keep them nice. Take care, See you next post.

  18. I do not like Allen bolts.  glad you fixed this or the next hot dogs cooked on the motor might have had some diesel taste to them.    thanks for the video Jake.

  19. Jake, almost fell out of my set a failure to launch but when it started just wiped the sweat from brow and said to myself you haven't let me down lol. Old engines can be a problem leaks that come over time could be a crack, bur, nick lots of fun.

  20. Great video as always, but yep, wish you'd have filmed the valve setting. That would have been nice to watch.Ya shoulda never said they were good starting engines either, at least not on film. Ya know that will always come back to bite ya LOL

  21. Nice! How many hours does that engine have on it? Them 3208s seem to have a bad reputation with truck guys. But any ag application seems to work good for them. I guess you either love them or hate them. Thanks for the video!

  22. pretty neat   I talk to an old guy the rebuilt carbs for years and he said the most important thing was keep things clean lol   Thanks for the vid Jake

  23. I can remember (decades ago) when all pump work was done in a "white room" that was dust free and the guy wore gloves and had to be the most meticulous mechanic I've ever known… until you. Well done video Jake… nothing new to that though.

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