Inside Briggs & Stratton Failed 3 Wire Voltage Regulator

Thought I’d see if I could remove the potting and see what was inside this baby. It didn’t take too long until I had the potting thin enough to peal out and then pry out the circuit board. The 2 yellow AC leads go to diodes that are mounted to the aluminum housing. The housing acts as a heat sink to help keep them cool. You can see the one on the right is black where it’s failed and burned up. I always keep my engine clean so I don’t think it failed from neglect. Like most electronic things, sooner or later they get switched on one to many times and go poof! The circuit board has Tympanium Corp printed on it and when I Googled them they show us as a US Corporation located in Malden, MA. Isn’t the internet wonderful? Thanks for watching!



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