Installing Piston Rings The Easy Way “NO TOOLS”!

In this video I show and explain the easiest way to install your piston rings with out breaking them.

I if you need to Clock your Rings, I made a video for that also..If your looking for the diagram for the ring clocking specs you can find it on my web site Click the “Filling Cabinet Tab”

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48 thoughts on “Installing Piston Rings The Easy Way “NO TOOLS”!

  1. i dont see ur video how to clock piston ring…… can u make a video cause im trying to learn how to clock a d16 civic piston rings

  2. this video and everyone who is defending this method in the comment section is wrong. Use ring expander pliers or dont do the job. If you were rebuilding engines for a living and your boss saw you use this method .. you would be fired with a quick hard kick up the arse for being so stupid and lazy. learn to use the tools properly FFS.

  3. Why is hes fitting them with his hands , its simple look at the beginning of the video and youll see HONDAS. no big surprise honda boi doesnt research anything.

  4. OMG! This is misinformation and he makes it sound so convincing. If you install your rings like this clown is doing your engine is screwed! He has the compression rings upside down and has warped the oil rings by rolling them in without using ring pliers. Frikken unbelievable!

  5. Thanks for the video. Don't listen to these other guys dude. Some people get super butt hurt whenever they see a different way of doing something.

  6. Will it work by hand? sure. As an inexperienced engine builder, I've done it in the past and it worked for the couple thousand miles I drove the car. Is this the correct way? absolutely not. piston ring installation pliers are only 10 bucks on Amazon, and $35 for Snap-on. Well worth it to ensure the rings will seat correctly on the piston grooves. Something you can't see by the naked eye. Also for the most part the groove in the top ring is for the combustion gasses to push the ring down. You have it upside down, it should be facing the combustion chamber.

  7. That little lip you are talking about on the top ring is not to make it easier to put on, it goes UP so that the air or compression goes behind the ring and forces the ring out against the wall for a better seal against the cylinder wall when the piston is travelling up.

  8. Stop!!!!!!!!! Back up!!!!!!!!!! Simply tell about the lip on the rings, and how it catches oil-but leave the camera alone-your making me sea sick!

  9. just a question for me lol i always thought the top 2 rings were compression and the oil ring was the bottom ring with the 3 piece . but you said the 2nd ring (middle) pulls the oil

  10. Hay, nice videos
    Its a good help for me Thanks..
    Do you know where can i buy just the oil pump internal parts,
    im looking just for the oil gears. every were i go they want to sell me the whole front cover with oil pump and seal..
    any info would be great..

  11. tengo un tractor murray 14.5 hp y tengo problemas no ensiende y ase muchas esplosiones y pasa gas por el mofle y moja la bujia grasias si me puedes dar una idea

  12. new piston rings without a new bore and hone is asking for trouble

    Both the piston rings and the bore are worn fit to oneanother so your engine is definately going to use oil after the change. usually when the compression test fails your piston rings are worn out. but thats the fact you cant just only replace your piston rings and think oh well now my problem is fixed You are ending up with whole different problems.

    You need like 10W60 kinda oils perhaps as the last matter all other oils viscosity oils will not work. So the 10W60 is your last resort before getting a new bore and hone.

    the fact is that modern trucks can be bored and honed with the engine still in the car which is spectecular.

    you can hone your car also with a drill that is called flexhone. but the flexhone will only destroy your hone pattern instead. But the engine is then still inside the car.

    The lesson here is when you want to do things the right way you are on the safe side and dont mess up things.

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