Installing – Rings, Piston, Cylinder & Timing Motorcycle Engine


22:00 I accidentally put the filter in backwards.

This is a video of the process of putting a new cylinder, rings, piston on a 1975 TL125 Trials Honda. It includes installing the timing chain and timing procedure. I bought the cylinder which is a 56.5mm on Ebay for 60 bucks. It came with a piston and properly gapped rings.

If you have any questions please ask.



29 thoughts on “Installing – Rings, Piston, Cylinder & Timing Motorcycle Engine

  1. Wow ! still runs on "points". I am getting ready to overhaul the top end for the first time , valves have some problem , noisy and not fuel efficient. The engine is very similar but is CDI. I started with oil changes , rims and tires , hub bearings , chain and chain rings and my confidence increases as i progress. Aligning cams , timing chain , and TDC will be the trickiest for me. However , I have 2 engines so i can always look at one…. if I screw it up then I will take it to my mechanic. But have been saving loads of money doing it myself. Thanks for posting.

  2. le pusiste el filtro de aceite alrevez y en el momento de la chispa debe dejar de dar a masa el platino , entonces no debería estar haciendo ruido el tester

  3. Hello, nice video with good mechanics explanation, but tell me,are you sure the oil filter is correctly in position? My HONDA ,I bought new, and first time I remove the filter for cleaning,filter net was in oposite position,what you think?motor model HONDA OHC-II 125 cc

  4. Thanks for the video, my cam chain is as loose as it can be and it is not allowing me to put the gear on the lip of the cam to install the bolts. I have the chain on the gear, just cant get enough slack to get it anout 1/2 inch so I can bolt on. Again, my tensioner is basically all the way out. Any idea?

  5. Thanks for this Tim – I just purchased a bore kit to from a Honda TL to for my 156fmi OHC engine, but it appears that the piston is catching the valves or something is knocking, preventing it doing a complete revolution. I have tried extra gaskets but that doesn't help? The chain tentioner slide makes it difficult to even put the cam chain around the cog, as it's too tight with the additional gasket. Do I even need this one? I have an auto tension. Any ideas? Thanks

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