InStart™ IS Electric Start Lawn Mowers

Tired of replacing the lawn mower battery or struggling with a pull cord start? Check out the Briggs & Stratton InStart™ electric start lawn mower engine.

This innovative small engine to solve all of those issues as the easiest and smartest starting engine. Ever. Our chargeable Lithium-Ion features a gas powered push button lawn mower start.

Don’t worry though, this mower is super strong even on thick and tall grass, especially when compared to traditional gas powered mowers. The rechargeable lawn mower batteries come with a charge light indicator making it the easiest and best lawn mower for the busy homeowner who is in a hurry.

This engine is made exclusively for Cub Cadet and features push button starting – no pulling, no priming and no choking with fast and convenient charging:
-Up to 20 starts per 10 minute rapid charge
-Up to 75 starts per full charge (1 hour)
-Gas engine power and long run time

Talk to a local Cub Cadet Dealer or visit the nearest Costco Whole store to find the InStart™ Ion electric start engine from Briggs & Stratton!



One thought on “InStart™ IS Electric Start Lawn Mowers

  1. Excellent video of the Made in the USA engine on this easy start Briggs & Stratton gasoline powered self propelled lawn mower. Currently there are no Costco warehouse stores in Buriram, Thailand. If Briggs & Stratton exports this quality lawn mower with easy start to Thailand I am confident your Briggs & Stratton distributor in Bangkok will offer my family owned lawn mower and tool specialty store the opportunity to sell and service this easy start lawn mower due to the lithium ion battery system. Genuine innovative features from a quality USA based manufacturer with products appreciated and sold in Buriram, Thailand. 

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