27 thoughts on “Intek engine work part 1 – Compression release repair

  1. Great compression release example. Who had this wet dream at Briggs, and why hasn't she been burned at the stake ! :0O

  2. Thanks so much for taking your time making this excellent coverage,any negative commenters keep them to yourself and appreciate the knowledge you have gained!! Kind regards TW canadas west ,

  3. Hi,I have a Craftsman 4 years old Riding mower 21 hp Briggs & stratton engine . Motor hard to turn with starter ,new starter & battery-It make 3/4 turn & if if make 1 to 2 turn start right up. When starter can not turn it heat up ,without Spark plug engine move ok , I checked the valve clearance .004 & .006 – Do you think it is a Compression release valve ,how I can be sure of that. Please help ,what other thing it could be?

  4. I just pulled the sump on my 17.5 and guess what? I found the same little pieces from the cam shaft. I was about to give up until I found this video. Thanks for your help. Now to find a cam shaft at a decent price.

  5. Can you just replace the relief mechanism on this Intek and not the whole cam, or does it take special tools beyond common folks ability? Do they sell the mechanism separate for this motor? I know some motors you can just replace the mechanism pretty cheap.  I have a 17.5 hp. like this, and one day it had too much compression to crank. I can jump start it with a jumper charger or strong car battery and it runs fine. I will check the valve rocker clearance first, but pretty sure it will be the pressure relief.

  6. Great video..I like you descriptions and explanations. I have one given to me by my son-in-law doing the same thing..I need the instruction video on adjustment of valves to try first..

  7. Excellent video. One thing that would have improved it was if you had shown the compression release "bump" in the valve movement after the repair.

  8. Yeah the intek comp release is a dam joke.Won't be buying another briggs anytime soon , not when they're broken by design i certainly won't .

  9. got a 12,5 bs engine on my mower,same problem, just cant crank past the compression stroke.ill check valve clearence but im sure that decompression thing is broken on mine too.Ive been dreading this job but after seeing this video Im mentally prepeared 🙂

  10. I know you mean well but your video is a little "Redneckish" or made on the fly. I couldn't tell if you are a small engine mechanic or just a guy who knows one thing or two on small engines. Needless to say that a thumb's-up is deserved for the effort.

  11. Lay the motor on its cowl, will make it easier to work on. And if you align both marks on crank and cam you will be able to pull out cam with no effort.

  12. Thanks for the instructions as I am working on an Intek engine right now in my shop and I got to the point of getting the sump off..but didn't know where to look after that..there is no debris so I am betting my return spring has come loose..will get back out in shop in the morning and pull camshaft and find out..thanks again !

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