Is HEET better than Seafoam for Water in Fuel? Let's find out!

Which product works best for removing water contaminated fuel: Seafoam, HEET, or Isopropyl Alcohol? In this video, we test each of these products in water and we also test how they do with preventing and melting ice that’s formed in gasoline. Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.



27 thoughts on “Is HEET better than Seafoam for Water in Fuel? Let's find out!

  1. I noticed all the tests were on carbureted engines which allowed for choking to richen the mixture. What would happen in a fuel injected engine? Will this still work?

  2. Works better when the gasoline methanol/water mix is getting sloshed around the tank, like it would if you were actually mowing the lawn or driving the car!

  3. My experience driving a semi in extreme below zero conditions for 23 years is there is no product currently available that will keep the fuel from freezing without tank, engine, and line heaters. That's why vehicles sold in colder climates have these installed at the dealer. A fleet I worked for the drivers were even issued Diesel 911 and had froze fuel due to failed heaters. I have not had a gas fuel freeze under the same conditions.

  4. I like these videos, l have been in the boating world for over 40 yrs. Water in gas is common and eats up aluminum in carb bowels. We use the red bottle heet after removing the water with a suction tube into the tank and removing water from the BOTTOM of the tank. You might inform people that carb cleaning is a must after water has entered the carbs and fuel pumps. Unfortunatly the Lazy guy just adding these products to get a motor to run, end up with burned pistons in two stroke motors.!!

  5. Back in the 70's I had a compactor fan shroud come loose while running and flywheel fan fins started breaking off. One hit me on my hand and another hit me in the stomach. Beware

  6. Could I suggest can an engine run on butter lard margarine and which of the 3 is better also maybe bacon grease again, maybe other cooking items like Pam spray and squeezable butter and margarine


  7. Hi, some comments for your consideration. And Merry Christmas for 2020 !
    – Someone noticed that left overnight the water remover settles out, even after mixing !
    – What happens to water remover when it is mixed by pouring in and adding fuel, then easy rocking simulating driving (AKA anti_Bond martini: Stirred, not Shaken). I don't pick up my car and shake it before driving. Maybe a simulated clear gas rectangular gas taken for a drive, with recommended ratio to treat reasonable amount of water, however much that is? Leave it sit overnight, and what does it look like in AM?

  8. Good video. I would like to add that Heet and isopropyl alcohol should be used before the fuel system freezes. After it freezes the only way to unthaw the lines and the tank is to get it into a warm garage or cover the car over and blow heat in there.

  9. Love your videos, yours are much better than anything on youtube for testing products and you get alot done in a short amount of time, unlike alot of other channels that have alot of BS. Thank You!

  10. A long time ago I was told to use alcohol (isopropyl). But someone later said it doesnt work well and there are products that work way better. It was something that worked best in the "old days".

  11. You can also use denatured alcohol. I have and it works great. Better than any of these products.
    Denatured alcohol has zero water in it and it absorbs moisture really good.

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