Is Techron better than Seafoam? Let's see the proof!

Seafoam and Marvel Mystery Oil have both proven to be very effective engine cleaners in testing during previous video episodes. However, many have asked that Seafoam, Marvel Mystery Oil and Techron be compared for preventing buildup. I hope you enjoy the video and please keep the video recommendations coming because I’m listening to your ideas!



22 thoughts on “Is Techron better than Seafoam? Let's see the proof!

  1. My car developed a loud ticking and horrible idling with visible smoke I used seafoam in the crankcase and fuel tank drove 30 miles to work and my engine was back to normal. Did an oil and filter change to which the oil was so much darker than before adding the seafoam. (It was fairly new oil) That seafoam did it for me. 1995 Mercedes Benz C280 210,596 miles

  2. I would love to see how these all work in a 2 stroke engine. I have a motorized bike with around 35 hours on the engine. I put sea foam in the gas and it really helped the engine out. Also I would love to see bar and chain oil as 2 stroke oil or 4 stroke engine oil.

  3. I used all three in the past!! Glad to see techron is really that good I’ve heard great things about it, that’s the latest one I’ve been using. Thanks for the video!! Great channel man

  4. Ive Used Seafoam for Years. Some people hate it. Always Worked Great For me. My Old 96 Chevy Caprice starts Running rough. I pour in a couple Bottles of Seafoam, cleans it Right up

  5. Ok, someone recomended me seafoam for my yanmar 2gm20 boat diesel engine. What do u think? Is it safe to add it to crankcase as well as in fuel filter and the diesel tank?

  6. I can make a PEA additive at home … To pay the 12 bucks, it had to work pretty well, and it doesn't! Kindda snake.

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