Joe’s Garage 383 Engine Rebuild Part 1 – Crankshaft Installation

I Let Joe take over my camera to follow his Chrysler 383 build over the past few weeks, we want to bring you the tips and tricks of rebuilding this Big Block.
This is the first episode of a multipart series that will guide you through the process of rebuilding a Chrysler 383 Big Block Engine.
In this Episode Joe walks through the installation of the Crankshaft.



16 thoughts on “Joe’s Garage 383 Engine Rebuild Part 1 – Crankshaft Installation

  1. I have a 66' Newport in my back yard. Has break issues and can't seem to narrow down the clicking sound that is being made when the car is trying to turn over. Not the battery – using a battery charger that has enough power to start the car's engine (or says so on the battery charger) so not sure else where to look.

  2. This is a disappointing video for someone who wants to learn how to rebuild a Mopar B engine. This series of videos is only good for people who already know how to do it, then they can smile and nod to each other and say, "oh yes, that's right, that's how we do it". But for the beginner who wants to learn, it is useless. You haven't started at the beginning, which should be right at the car with the old engine in it (not an almost new 20,000 mile engine), showing how to pull out the engine, how to disconnect everything in the engine bay, where to attach the hooks /chains etc. Then showing how to disconnect the transmission, how to pull the dirty engine apart for cleaning etc etc.

    You have started with a nice clean engine (have not even explained how it got that clean) and then you just throw the crank in after putting the bearings in at super fast speed !! How useless ! What sort of tutorial is this? How can anybody learn from that? But then you spend what seems like minutes showing the back of your hand applying the silicone (what sort of silicone? there are dozens of types) . I could go on and on but you get the point. Sorry, couldn't watch it.

  3. I did a muscle motors stroker kit for the 383, has a 4.25 crank, you get a shit load more tq! I used 440 sorce ported heads solid comp cam, rpm edelbrock intake and 950 carb, 590hp and 615 tq. pump gas, and get 14mpg witb 355s tons o fun!

  4. Nice video and not too many 383 "Self-Help" videos on youtube as thorough as yours. I'm doing a Dodge BB 400 myself. On to part 2. Thanks!

  5. Joe .. the purpose of the pipe cleaner is to take up space in the seal joint and actually squeeze the sealant out to fill the void you ended up with . yes its an indication of not having enough,but you should also saturate the pipe cleaner. without it saturated it can suck up the silicone you first put in and compound the problem .. your fix was the right one .. good job .. big block mopars are notorious for rear main leaks around the seal retainer rails .. the offsetting of the seal and the pipe cleaners is the way to go

  6. I have the original 383 block for my 66 Coronet that needs rebuilt. I've done everything on the top end but never rebuilt the bottom end of a 383. This video series makes me think about attempting it. Thanks for the videos.

  7. those big block Mopars are notorious for leaking rear seals. my 69 383 has 3000 miles on a complete rebuild, and is leaking at the rear seal spraying oil all over my headers. can the seal be changed with engine in the car? thanks for the vid 🙂

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