Joe’s Garage 383 Engine Rebuild Part 3 – Degreeing the Camshaft

I Let Joe take over my camera to follow his Chrysler 383 build over the past few weeks, we want to bring you the tips and tricks of rebuilding this Big Block.
In this third episode Joe will guide you through the processes of degreeing the camshaft on this Chrysler 383 Engine. How to degree a camshaft can be a confusing and tedious task if you are new to engine building. Joe walks you through the process he uses to ensure the camshaft is correctly installed. While using a degree wheel, dial indicator, a home-made piston stop, and a bit of math Joe explains how he completes the process of degreeing his cam.
Joe is installing a Hughes Engines Whiplash Cam in this build. The Whiplash camshafts are designed to give a mean lope at idle while maintaining performance all through the rpm range.



6 thoughts on “Joe’s Garage 383 Engine Rebuild Part 3 – Degreeing the Camshaft

  1. Ok….Maybe I'm missing something….if you degree your cam and it comes up OUT OF TOLERANCE…..what then? I dont think there is any way you can adjust it, can you?

  2. that was an amazing video !!!! its amazing to me to see people that know exactly whatthey are talking about !!!!!!!! awesome .. ive always wanted to learn how to use a degree wheel , an engines power comes from the heads and th camshaft

  3. Ok so i see he has a nice cam(518/518), close to what I wanted. I want the comp cam ex284h(507/510) or ex294h(519/524). He has the 3.23 gears I want to run as well. I know he mentioned it's a dog off the line but I don't mind that my charger is heavy too. I just want the nice highway gear with a nice lopey cam and I see it can be done. Good to know I can have the best of both worlds.

  4. ok my question is how do you know where to point that wire to? what gives you a good indication on how to bend that wire to the degree wheel? to me it just looks like your guessing? or does it matter on how its pointed? or do you align the wire with something on the block ? i would appreciate a reply 😀

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