Joe’s Garage 383 Engine Rebuild Part 6 –Water Pump installation

I Let Joe take over my camera to follow his Chrysler 383 build over the past few weeks, we want to bring you the tips and tricks of rebuilding this Big Block.
In the sixth episode Joe will show you how to properly install the water pump on his 383 Big Block. Keeping the water pump from leaking is key when bolting up your water pump. In addition he continues forward to install the heater nipples on the engine.
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13 thoughts on “Joe’s Garage 383 Engine Rebuild Part 6 –Water Pump installation

  1. Thanks for the video, I need to replace the water pump on my 383 and I never would have known about the nylon screw thing. So happy it's at the top of the engine, looks easy to do without lifting the car.

  2. How long does it take for a water pump to go bad? It's a really important aspect of engine health and when you buy a used car you really have no idea what kind of condition the engine components are in , how do you prevent bad scenarios?

  3. One of the original heater hose nipples on my water pump housing is seized on. I have replacement ones but having issues removing the existing one. Any tips? Also I noticed a 3rd threaded hole next to the 2 nipples you installed in the video. What is that for? Mine is blocked off.

  4. Where did you get the 2 water pump nipples? I have the BB 400 so surely they're the same part number. Was that aviation gasket sealer on the pipe nipple thread's too?

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