Joe’s Garage 383 Engine Rebuild Part 7 –Valley Pan Modification

I Let Joe take over my camera to follow his Chrysler 383 build over the past few weeks, we want to bring you the tips and tricks of rebuilding this Big Block.
In the seventh episode Joe will show you how he dealt with the valley pan not mating up to the heads since he had a mild deck on the block. Any time you remove material from the block or the heads you can expect fit issues with intakes, valley pans and gaskets. Using some metal sheers, a press-break, and some ingenuity, Joe took the do-it-yourself approach to solve this issue.
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6 thoughts on “Joe’s Garage 383 Engine Rebuild Part 7 –Valley Pan Modification

  1. Hhhmmm, I'd spring for $60 gasket. Thanks for the Heads-Up on the possible valley pan offset because I'll be ordering that from Hughes too.

  2. Thats a rip-off for the valley pans.Do you need a valley pan, why not cut out the 2 manifold side gaskets and run a cork gasket front and back leaving some overhang so it seals up those step up lips.Just a guess what ya wreckon bud 🙂

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