Joe’s Garage 383 Engine Rebuild Part 9 –Cylinder Head Installation

I Let Joe take over my camera to follow his Chrysler 383 build over the past few weeks, we want to bring you the tips and tricks of rebuilding this Big Block.
In the ninth episode Joe will install the cylinder heads onto the engine block.
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7 thoughts on “Joe’s Garage 383 Engine Rebuild Part 9 –Cylinder Head Installation

  1. If you lay a brazing rod across the top of the rocker bosses before you install the pushrods, it would hold the pushrods inline so when you install the rocker shaft you wouldn't have to fiddle with trying to place each one into the rocker arm pocket. You could also use the engine dipstick in place of a brazing rod.

  2. so just a quick question about the assembly of the top here. my engine was also a low mile engine. i decided to leave everything standard just replace the cam bearing and main bearings. should i not be able to just reassemble this without issue since i put everything back where it came from. my rebuild kit came with new guide bushing and caps. do you think i should tear down the head and replace those with the new ones since its apart.

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