John Deere 21″ Lawn Mower Model 14ST Kawasaki 5HP – Carburetor Cleaning Part II – August 24, 2013

Sure a fuel related issue with this John Deere Kawasaki engine, this is removing the Carburetor and cleaning it. Pretty greasy on the outside and some trash on the inside. See Video Part III first start after the cleaning the Carburetor Link Below :



13 thoughts on “John Deere 21″ Lawn Mower Model 14ST Kawasaki 5HP – Carburetor Cleaning Part II – August 24, 2013

  1. Hello Atptourfan thanks for viewing! Yes it had a regular crop growing inside that thing! It has some age on it but she has lots of life left it in it. I enjoy seeing them come back to life as well and sharing that adventure.

  2. My 1988 john deere 14SE has some carb problems too blows black smoke and leaks gas out of carb can you help me by telling me what i can do thanks very much good video by the way.

  3. Thank you so much. My John Deere would start for a few seconds then die. Using your video I cleaned the carb, (something I hadn't done since High School 30 years ago), and put everything back together. It worked perfectly. Nice instructions. 

  4. That don't look hard to fix and hope the carburetor on the J.D. Z445 mower is as easy as that one. I have a problem with my mower not starting unless gas is poured into the carburetor then stopping once that fuel is burned up.

  5. You'd really help me out if you could answer a question for me — I have a Deere 175 (FC420V engine) that needs a new carb. Tried to do a rebuild before and would rather just buy a new carb and have an extra on hand. Question is — when I install a new one is it as easy as removing the old with the (2) bolts, plus linkage a fuel line obviously and then installing the new one with a new gasket?

    I wonder if a new carb is already adjusted? (Or at least in the ball park?)  Need help — anybody?   THANKS

  6. Thank you much. Great instructional videos. I have a 14SB model and t starts briefly and the cuts off. Best thing to do is to clean that carb. perhaps whoever had it b4 never cleaned it up. I've noticed when I try to tip it over to look at the blade or lift the two front or the two rear wheels, gas leaks under the carb, so I have a leak too… I'll take it apart tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks so much again for sharing your videos!

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