John Deere 400 Garden Tractor Restoration Start to Finish

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In this video I restore a non-running John Deere 400 Garden Tractor.

For the Kohler K532 engine rebuild I used all engine parts from iSaveTractors!

Specs on the engine rebuild:
.020 IST Piston Kits
.010 main bearings
New Cam Bearings
New IST Valves
Valve Seats Re-Cut
All Gaskets and Seals
Cylinder Heads Flattened
Connecting Rods Resized
New IST Carburetor
New IST Ignition Coil
New IST Points, Condenser
New IST Spark Plugs and Wires
Ignition timed with Timing Light

Tractor Rebuild:
New Wheel Bearings
1,000 Lumen LED Headlights IST
New Tail lights
New Seat
Center Fender Decal
New Hardware
Ruegg 3 Point Hitch

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This video has been edited for length and clarity. This video doesn’t show every step involved during the restoration process.

Small Engines and Tractors are inherently dangerous. This video is intended for entertainment and demonstration purposes only. Viewing, commenting, liking, sharing, or subscribing does not constitute a professional relationship with us. iSaveTractors and its subsidiaries are not responsible for any injury or accident as a result of viewer actions. Always exercise caution when working with or on any engine or equipment.



30 thoughts on “John Deere 400 Garden Tractor Restoration Start to Finish

  1. Too bad you didnt repower with a kubota diesel. K532 is a boat anchor. Good job on the restoration.

  2. Norman, thx for the great videos! I just bought a well running JD 400. I was thinking of getting a front end loader for it. Any thoughts? what about a backhoe? Trying to do this cheap and cheerful. I have an old Massy 50 but its really underpowered these days. I have an ATV snow blade that I want to try and mount on it once I get the loader (like another of your videos). I have the Snow blower and a 60" deck for it, so it will be really useful for me, I hope.

  3. I just ran across this video as a recent subscriber to the channel. It is of particular interest to me as I have a JD 420 at home that I have not used in several years. I can't really bring myself to sell it so this looks like a logical step. Great work on saving a true old workhorse. Anyone that ever used any of the 317 thru 430 models would most likely agree. Sad there are none of the new ones built like that anymore. Thanks for the inspiration and kick in the pants to work on mine.

  4. Must be a lot of fun restoring those old garden tractors which to me are well worth it because the older ones were built to last not like today’s junk. Keep on making your videos they are enjoyable to watch.

  5. How long did it take to do a full restoration on that John Deere garden tractor,? You did a great Job restoring it. Sincerely loves seeing old tractors restored Robert Gildea Elmira NY

  6. Great job and thanks for filming it in a way that lets viewers slow down just the procedures we want to see the specific details of. If you’d cleaned up the smudged yellow handle on the deck lift (try 99% isopropyl alcohol), it would look brand new. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with this great video.

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