John Deere 400 Garden Tractor Snow Blade Rebuild and Action

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In this video I repair and rebuild a 54″ hydraulic John Deere Blade for our John Deere 400 Garden Tractor. In this video I replace the cutting edge, install 2 new hydraulic cylinders, hoses, and fittings. Repaint, and put into action.

Note: Towards the end of the rebuild portion of the video you may notice the position of the tilt cylinder hose closest to the tractor. This is not how that hose remained. Shortly after installing I learned that the hose will hit the tractor frame and break the fitting. I installed another fitting there to bring the lift hose parallel to the cylinder to avoid contacting the tractor frame.

Also you may notice a go pro on my plow blade during the use portion of the video. There is no go pro footage in this video because I plowed the go pro into the snow bank by accident. The go pro is still missing in action.

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30 thoughts on “John Deere 400 Garden Tractor Snow Blade Rebuild and Action

  1. I see you have a snowblower for the JD 400 as well. I watch that video. What do you prefer for snow the blade or the blower? Is there a specific instance where you prefer one over the other?

  2. Awesome video. Ive got a JD420 and ive got the 54 blade and model 46 snowthrower. I start out the year with the wetter snow with the plow, and switch to the blower once the ground is really frozen and the snow is more powdery. Just 20 mins with a wire wheel grinder and that paint would actually last a long time. Im a sucker for these “vintage” tractors. They just don’t build them like they used to. More action footage please! Sub’d

  3. Did you wing the loaders you built or did you get plans from somewhere.  I want to build one for a 1984 JD 430 with the Yanmar diesel.

  4. The paint won’t last long but the plow will. Maybe the next time you take the plow off to give it another once over you can powder coat it if possible it would last longer than paint and would make a good video.

  5. Another great video!  Short of real nor' easters that thick cement snow is what we usually get here cause were close to the water in Mass.  Another reason to love having a loader.

  6. Wow Norman…that power angle is pretty fancy schmancy. Some of us are just coming out of the stone age and putting the $50 Harbor Freight winches on to lift our plows. Not enough snow yet here in Detroit…got up to the mid 50's today.:-( Thanks for posting;-)

  7. Appreciate you putting these vids up….. and that 400 moves some snow !!!
    I had the same plow on my 318 and loved it.
    Found a 47 2 stage and it's ready to go but no snow here yet !!
    Again…. appreciate the vids and the time you take.

  8. Hey Norman a tip for ya ,, you know when you were putting the blade on tractor and picked up the blade to get the top lock pins to go in … no no no my brother easy tip,, hook bottom pins in there spot then hook up hydraulics then start tractor and move the up down lever and it will move the top pins and snap in all by itself no lifting necessary,, just push the lever like you wanted to push blade down and the mount will move right into place and snap in .. i have same blade and i never lift a finger lol.. i keep it on some wheeled moving carts from harbor freight roll it up to front of machine get bottom pins in and let machine do the rest.. them dam things way to heavy to be lifting… hope this helps..

  9. You sell those cylinders? I am using old ones that bleed pressure and would love some fresh ones. Is that pavement or gravel? I have all gravel to deal with so I just installed a 52” single stage blower on the Powermax.

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