John Deere 445 Seized Engine – Kawasaki FD620D Rebuild

Kawasaki FD620D rebuild to replace seized engine in my John Deere 445.



4 thoughts on “John Deere 445 Seized Engine – Kawasaki FD620D Rebuild

  1. Honestly, I would have honed the cylinders and put new rings in it while I was that far into it. For no more than it would have cost, would be worth it for the peace of mind. My engine in my 425 is going to have to be bored. The left cylinder only has 130psi compression, while the right has 150. Minimum should be 170. Also the pistons are so loose in the bore you can hear piston slap, and the crankcase has so much pressure that it is forcing oil out past the seals. Left cylinder measures out right at max tolerance. With machine work I am likely looking at at least $500 to fix it.

  2. Hey if you rebuild the other engine and want to sell it let me know. I need one for my 445. I pulled mine but have no time to rebuild it.

  3. @ Tesser52
    I am wondering how the engine rebuild has come along – any more updates? And were you able to obtain metal components to replace the internal plastic parts?

    I read here –×4-gator-kawasaki-fd620d-camshaft-replacement/ – that for particular production years of the Kawasaki FD620D, "Typically, the plastic camshaft gear in the Kawasaki FD620D engine will fail between 800-1200 hours." But thankfully in later production years they were replaced with steel gears. So I am thinking other plastic parts may also have been replaced with metal.

    Anyways, when you have the time, please let us know how it all went. I hope you are soon able to get your 445 up and running, and working again. Oh yes, also, has the Little Buck loader held up well for you? Any issues with it?

  4. You obviously know your way around a 445, I just got one and want to use a 3 point attachment on the rear, do you have a recommendation for the kit to be able to do that? Thanks

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