18 thoughts on “John Deere Mower Carb Cleanout

  1. my jd starts up hard after a few wks…..thinks its the corn in the gas,,,,,shot of eiffer and she purs…motors valve guides need replaced. i don't have oil filter tho on her tho

  2. To be honest it's obvious the carb works fine as is, but if you are worried about the other hinge point being missing, you could drill a tiny hole through the broken side and loop a bit of stainless or copper wire over the shaft to hold it in place… No need spending money on replacing a carb that still works.

  3. Might not hurt when you park it this winter, shut the fuel line off while the engine is running and leave her run until she burns of the gas in the carb and stalls out. Might help keep it from getting gummed up so bad by next spring. Or, I could be wrong. Can't hurt to try either way.

  4. Youve fix-a-mercated it :-))

    If it mattered im sure you could make a tin cap to slide on that post and drill a hole in it to accept the pin, but it seems happy so ignore it lol.

  5. There is a guy in Groton, who is parting out a JD 160.  Go to 'Farm and Garden'  for Maine, on craigslist and search for "John Deere engine and other parts" in the Farm and Garden category.  He wants $250 for everything in the photos.  I can't tell if the fuel pump and carb are still there!  

  6. Because you really only need a carb rebuild kit (about $10.00 on e-bay) and a carb body, you might want to look on craigslist for someone selling used JD lawn tractor parts (e.g. the carb).  There are a lot of 100 series mowers.  Try the Farm and Garden category on CL.  The lowest for a new carb is about $139 on a quick google search.  This is a good time to replace the fuel line too.  Your mower still has the OEM line and they tend to collapse over time.  Also, insert an inline fuel filter just before the fuel pump, if you don't have one yet.  Your mower will love you more!

  7. You have a Kohler/Kawasaki engine.  We need the serial number of your engine.  If the serial number is between 0-181193, the carb should be stamped 12425, AM102568 (John Deere part – search with this on google and e-bay – you will find out JD prices are ridiculous x 3)!  Serial 181194-260039, stamped 12720, AM105605; serial 260040 and above, stamped 12835, AM106584; stamped 12936, AM117581.

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