29 thoughts on “John Deere Sabre 13 Horsepower HP Briggs and Stratton 38″ deck 5 speed

  1. Mine is a 13HP his is probably a Hydro or it has a bigger deck. I really liked this but its a Lawn Tractor not a Garden Tractor you really have to remember that.

  2. my friend had that same mower PIECE OF CRAP ON WHEELS! but the birggs engines in there are really nice and reliable. but his was a 16HP, they are big gas guzzlers dont think they are OHV, but good vid

  3. Actually they are good at blowing… Well only for lots of snow cause its paddles which affect the distance. I like briggs motors on L/T's but I havent had this one that long. The MTD Blower is just a pain in the behind.

  4. LOL!!!! i know they suck at blowing snow!!!!LOL
    i gotta replace the nut that holds on the bowl and
    a few other things…..i never liked briggs motors…
    iv always had trouble with em….every briggs powered piece of equipment iv owned always had trouble!!!!LOL
    i like the honda and older kawasaki powered jd's

  5. Alright ill try to do that next weekend. Just to let you know it is a 5 Speed forward 1 Reverse manual clutch. You must engage the clutch every time you want to shift (Its not shift on the go)

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