Johnson Evinrude Outboard Pull Start Recoil Repair—-HOW TO FIX

Fix a Johnson/Evinrude engine pull cord, Pull Start (Rewind Starter) that does not fully retract/return back/recoil back to the engine. Outboard pull cord will not retract. This is a Johnson pullstart spring recoil fix, and is is a common problem with many outboard boat engines with a pull start.

CHECK AVAILABILITY ON AMAZON…. — Replacement OEM Pull Handle and Cord Complete Pull start for a 25HP Evinrude — Replacement Pull start Pinion Gear

This engine is a 1989 Johnson 15 HP outboard boat engine. The pull cord handle does not fully return back to the engine after starting. The cause of this is sometimes due to a weak spring or corrosion.

You might be able to fix this problem yourself, without an expensive marine mechanic or buying an expensive part. Product placement.

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