Johnson/Evinrude 15 hp Outboard Engine Carburetor Rebuild

The EASIEST, step by step, do it yourself video on how to rebuild your 15HP Johnson/Evinrude outboard boat engine CARBURETOR. Learn how to rebuild a johnson 15 horse carb. The process is the same for most all carbs, including the Evinrude.

The rebuild kit is from Sierra. They make a lot of aftermarket parts for boat engines.


Sierra part number is 18-7219

Tools needed are a Phillips and flat head screwdriver.

The whole project cost about $20 and takes about 1 hour.

If all you need is a carb gasket change, then why pay a marine mechanic to do a job that is this easy? I highly recommend doing this maintenance each year before the boating season begins.

Also, change your fuel pump and water pump. Proper maintenance will allow you to have so much more fun on the water.

Also, make sure you only use rec fuel in your boat engine. I never mentioned this in the video, but very important. Only use ethanol free gas.

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13 thoughts on “Johnson/Evinrude 15 hp Outboard Engine Carburetor Rebuild

  1. Hi. I think that you should've named your video ,,the Hard way'' ,because best way to remove the carb is by just taking the pull start off and you than have easy access to the flat head screw which is holding throttle linkage and than you are able to get to the nut.
    Your way is not best,because using pliers is really wrong.

  2. Jake, nice video, I have the same motor on my little fishing boat and I had trouble last weekend with idling, high speed was fine, but idling in the marina gave me few stalls, I reached down on pumped the primer bulb at the tank and it restarted.  I first thought fuel pump, saw your video on the pump replacement too, nice job, but I think it unlikely to be the fuel pump if the high speed rev's are reached easily.  Maybe I have a bit of gunk in my carb so a cleaning may be needed, I haven't had the carb off before, in fact, I haven't had the motor that long, maybe a few months, anyway, your video was perfectly narrated and recorded, I'm confidant with the cleaning and rebuild after seeing your work, thanks for taking the time to post it!!!  Roy – Las Vegas, Nv.

  3. Hi Jake, yep, that was the problem, guess I hit the knob a few times, twisted it and got great smooth idle, thanks for the tip. I replaced the impeller a few weeks ago because the pee hole, (Tell-Tale) wasn't streaming water well, under way I get a slight stream, well the new impeller hasn't helped, I think the line may be clogged, any tips?

  4. Jake…I am a "attempt it myselfer" so I was very appreciative of your video. You did a GREAT job explaining things so guys like me can understand 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to make this.

  5. Thanks for the video! I have been searching the internet for a manual download and I cannot seem to find one. I picked one up a year ago and just now tried it over the weekend. I need to get at least a kill switch for it. Anyways, I am having trouble with the idle and also no water out the "pee hole" I found the pee hole to be plugged, so I will attempt again to see if it works. I saw the comment on the thermostat, I will check into it. My biggest concern was when I was at full throttle, it bogged down, almost stalled then kicked back in. Long story short, I took a swim after that when it kicked the handle out of my hand. Would you have an idea on what may cause that? It is intermittent. I cannot duplicate it every time. Thank you- Anthony

  6. Jake, thanks for the nice video! Clear and easy to understand.
    I was wondering, when screwing in the "needle adjuster" (at 18 mins), how far in do you screw it? Do you screw it all the way in and then out a certain amount or? Thanks again!

  7. There is a website on the net called LeRoy's Ramblings, it's a treasure trove of information on these Johnson / Evinrude 15 hp. If you look on there his article on 9.9-15 hp motors in the carburetor article he shows a picture of a homemade modified wrench / carburetor tool for accessing that hard to get to nut.

  8. Hi,

    I just bought a 1980's Johnson 9.9 and am trying to get it to run. Rebuilding the carb now. I have a question on the center piece you mention. Is there supposed to be flow through the small brass tube? Mine is clogged and been sitting in carb cleaner for a couple of days and still clogged.

    wondering if I can clean it out with a small piece of wire. Just not sure of the flow path on the small brass tube that the small hose goes into.


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