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  1. Nice Job , I know with some of the older outboards that horsepower output could be altered by simply changing the jets , but never knew a throttle stop on the throttle shaft differed between hp models , i wonder if the throttle stop could be altered with a dremmel tool to increase the butterfly range at WOT on a 19 hp without purchassing a shaft?. Just a thought, thanks for the insight and the easy going approach.

  2. Hey thanks Brad. If the motor I have was in fact a 19hp, I see now that the shaft can be altered. I bought the shaft before seeing what the differences were. If I ever end up with a 19hp, I'll do your suggestion. Thanks for watching!

  3. Thanks for the great video! I have a 19hp Kawasaki that lost the stator due to dislodged magnets, will the flywheel need to be replaced or can I purchase new magnets?

  4. The displacement is different between a 19hp and 23hp in this model. You didn't increase any horsepower all you did was increase engine speed. The engine and hydros were not designed to turn faster than 3600rpms. I would highly advise getting a tachometer and resetting your governor. Now if you're planning on racing the mower then that is a different story as this will give you increase travel speed and blade speed. You probably lowered the horsepower of the engine by over revving it as it's turning faster than the efficiency of the overall engine characteristics. Increasing engine speed doesn't increase horsepower once you reach the designed peak detailed in the camshaft design or flow characteristics of the heads etc it will begin to produce less power.

  5. Put your ear down by the carb and turn the key on and off. If you don't hear a "click", check the wires going to the fuel shut off solenoid located on the front bottom of the carb. If power isn't going to it, fuel won't get to the carb.

  6. I'm surprised that you had to keep cranking on it like you did before it finally started. Looks as tho this engine is shot. But, I'd take it off your hands for a couple hundred.  🙂

  7. great video thanks. question for you I have a what I think is 19 hp Kawasaki on my wright. its blowing oil from the oil pan gasket I believe the rings are worn causing pressure in the oil pan thus forcing oil out the gasket area. have you ever replaced rings/pistons. if so can you infom me on the this process. or if you have any replacement engine for sale. thanks

  8. Yes sir I am working on the same carb on a Kawasaki motor off a RTZ 50 zero turn. I am trying to clean the carb but I am having trouble getting the two screws off the bottom, they are not wanting to come loose and trying to strip out, any tips please?

  9. Hi Fritz, first.  .  .  . You should learn the difference between an engine and a motor. Secondly, a video outlining how to take what you have and make it run most efficiently would be far better. Exactly what do you plan to do with the extra HP? Are you going to compete in the Indy 500? Cobra305hp97 is correct. Look at and study a manufactures graph of the horsepower/torque curve VS rpm of an internal combustion “engine”. When you continue to increase RPM, you will arrive at a point where everything drops off like a chunk of lead going over a cliff. Keep in mind, lawn mower engines are designed like aircraft engines. They operate most efficiently at only one speed and are designed to run best at that speed for most of their life, no stop and go traffic.

  10. Thanks for the gr8 video ! I have the same carb on 19hp Kawasaki engine, could you PLEASE show an internel breakdown and rebuild on this carb?? The numbers on your carb is the same as mine but could not find a MFG. name. Thanks for your help

  11. oil cooler ? this is how it helps. what does oil do when it's hot ? it loses viscosity correct ? YES … well what property does oil provide besides lubrication and heat transfer ? Sealing properties around rings and cylinder bore . well logically cooler oil more viscosity better seal less loss of compression more combustion energy contained on top of piston . Less compression blowing past rings helps along with the other performance improvements to add some 1-2 horsepower over two cylinders. more cylinders more CC's more power saved … There's your dinner…

  12. better seal at piston allows for more force contained on top of piston to forcefully drive piston down in bore for the power stroke…

  13. Mr Fitz,

    is it possible to get a kawasaki fx730 and bump it up to a kawasaki fx850?..
    I was told it's the exact same engine, not too sure about that.

    please if it is make a video on how to do so!

    thanks man! ???

  14. What did you pay for this and what will you sell it for? I like that style mower – it is a little pricey for a guy like me though.

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