10 thoughts on “Kawasaki FA210 5hp engine,Warm start and run after rebuild

  1. Have u got a manual for this one?
    Because i have got the same one, and i'm looking for a manual.
    If yes, it would be very nice if u can upload it.
    regards from germany 😉

  2. Hey!   was that secondary shaft (the little one) running opposite of the main shaft?   

       I am wondering because im looking for an engine to replace the one on my rototiller and it has two shafts as well but the little one has to run opposite the main shaft because it is for reverse. the Tiller is so heavy and big that running it without a reverse is REALLY difficult. if that one runs backwards I will look for one of these like you have or had.  looks liek its been a few years since you posted this.    Thanks..

  3. Man I miss these engines… we used to race them in the 80's and the Briggs guys would struggle to keep up. They were lighter, better balanced, had better oil journals, superior carb, more efficient combustion chamber, and better air flow. These used to dominate in the stock classes.
    If someone sells these things new, I would love to my hands on a couple!

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